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Win a Pair of Jeans (on Twitter)!

Hello Lovelies, You know I love clothes and I love my readers, so why not combine my two loves and give my readers some clothes! Lee jeans has an awesome plus size denim line (size 16-26) I have a pair and I “heart” them…. We’re giving away the first five pairs of jeans via Twitter, so “follow” TBGB there for more details! xoxo

The (Fat) shoe on the (Skinny) foot….

As most of you know, I am a fashion fanatic. But when I opened my spare room/walk-in closet recently, I knew that my clothing collection had gotten out of control. There were pants in the wrong size, shirts I hadn’t worn in forever and worst of all there was an array of items with the tags still on (because I had never worn them!). My first thought was to bag up the items and take them to the thrift store down the street, but I’m proud of the clothing collection I’ve acquired over the years and I really wanted them to go to a person/place where they would be appreciated. I went to some of my Plus Size Princess (PSP)…


Curvy Conversations: When Weight Makes Us Wait.

This weeks Curvy Conversation comes from an anonymous reader: Hi Cece,I love your blog and your refreshing honesty. You remind me of Carrie from Sex in the City but don’t worry you aren’t anywhere near as neurotic as she was…LOL. I see that you battle the same issues with weight and dating that I have. I have always had a battle of the bulge, but I’ve never been as obese as I am right now. I am currently a size 26 which is down from a size 28. Prior to all of this weight gain, I was never higher than a size 14. I put on all of this weight due to some changes I made in my life some…


Being a Fabulous Fat Girl is Hard Work!

The other day I was waiting for the bus, when I ran into a mutual (skinny) friend of mine. “Look at you, you look so cute!” she said, taking in my outfit. It was a nice day, so I was wearing a 50’s style black dress, with large lapels and a full skirt, a black cardigan and black peep-toe heels (showing off my bubble-gum pink pedicure). “But then again, you always look nice,” she continued. “Where do you get your clothes?” I rattled off a few stores where I shop that have both plus and regular sizes, she suggested a store in SoHo where she loves to get jeans (like I’d ever find anything there!) and we caught up a…


A Big Girl Rant: Finding The Perfect Coat

Every November (just before I freak out that its December) I start casually looking at coats. Every year, I am disappointed. I look around at my slimmer girlfriends in their trendy, colorful coats and jackets, but when I shop around, I find either very warm coats with no style, or very trendy coats that wont keep me warm! I am on a mission for fashionable-yet-functional outerwear, but each year I see a lot of: Bubble Jackets: These coats are super warm, but add inches to your body all around! When an NYC~PSP (New York City Plus-Size-Princess) like me is trying to casually wedge herself into a seat on the subway, every inch counts! Pea Coats: Yes these coats are classic…


A Big Girl Rant: Mainstream Fashion

Last week I got an early birthday present from my parents: A Betsey Johnson Hobo Bag from the “Lotsa Luck” collection. Its a gorgeous, yet functional bag with a fun leopard print lining and an adorable horseshoe charm that hangs from the zipper. The “Lotsa Luck” collection isn’t new, but I fell in love with the bag a while ago and it sold out very quickly, making it a rare find and a fantastic gift. I’ve always loved fashion, let me rephrase… I’ve always loved clothes, but have had to struggle in my relationship with fashion. Any big girl can find clothes if she wants to, but for a Plus Size Princess to stay fashionable… that’s a different story. For…