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I Hate My Arms! (Update)

Okay, I definitely still hate my arms but ever since I wrote about it last week, your comments have been sooo helpful! ChristenPhillips said… hi, first time reading your blog, but I had to comment. YES… I totally struggle with my arms! But honestly, when you see other people out walking around do you find yourself being really critical or their arm fat? … in most cases, no. you never really notice and even if you do notice, you forget about it in the ext few seconds and move on. So, with that in mind… go wear your cute dresses and be happy! 🙂 Melissa W said… UMM YESS! You hit the nail on the head. Some weeks I’m good,…


I Hate My Arms!

I. Hate. My. Arms. When it comes to Plus Size Princesses and our arms, I think we all have a cross to bear. From my observation, its either flab or stretch marks or both! I’ve seen PSP’s with big arms but they somehow managed to maintain some shape, definition, but those girls are few and far between. Most of us are either trying not to move too much so our “bat wings” don’t wiggle or we’re praying that we don’t end up with stretch marks from our collar bones to our elbows. Honestly, I feel like I’m right in the middle. I’ve seen flabbier arms than mine… I’ve seen stretch marks in more abundance… but when it comes to my…


1K Giveaway: LucieLu Gift Cards for Facebook Fans!

I’ve been getting lots of messages from TBGB Facebook Fans asking when I’m going to do a giveaway on Facebook. So… today is the day! I did a Fashionably Ever After post about LucieLu, a new plus size brand that I’m loving right now and LucieLu was kind enough to provide two $50 gift cards to her store! LuceLu Summer by thebiggirlblog featuring Forever21 jewelry In Miami, I wore the Eau Claire dress as a summer look (above) and got lots of compliments! Now, before we move forward with this contest, I have to say that the TBGB fans on Twitter get really hyped about giveaways and contests. They Tweet, ReTweet and Tweet again when they want to win something,…


Fashionably Ever After: LucieLu & the Eau Claire Dress

Today I woke up in a sunny mood, but when I looked out my bedroom window, it was a grey drizzly mess outside. I was feeling so good and the idea of wearing a heavy jacket or coat was bringing me down. As I showered I did a mental run-through of my closet to see if there was a way to dress so that I felt good, but stayed warm and dry. Nothing makes me feel better than wearing a new dress, so I pulled out my latest find from LucieLu and built my outfit around it. Here’s what I came up with:  Todays Look: LucieLu Eau Claire Dress by thebiggirlblog featuring Old Navy tops This is the Eau…


Fashionably Ever After: Plus Size Boutique, Lee Lee’s Valise

Once Upon a time there was a Plus Size Princess who rarely left the island of Manhattan… that PSP, is me. On the list of things that will get me off the island, quality plus size fashion is number one. I’ve been making trips to Re/Dress, a plus size vintage-consignment store in Brooklyn, for about a year now. I had no idea that 10 blocks away there was a charming plus size boutique called Lee Lee’s Valise. Once I discovered that Lee Lee’s Valise existed, I knew I had to go, so I devised a plan that would make the most of my trip to Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood: 1.) Drop off some of my gently used clothes at re/dress…


A Plus Size Fashion Emergency!

When I was a little girl, I came home one day and announced that our family needed to have an emergency plan for our home. I sat with my parents and mapped out escape routes, a meeting place and different contingency plans based on horrifying variables (fire, earthquake, intruders etc.) that we prayed would never happen. As an adult, I’ve adopted this same practice, but instead of life threatening disasters, I’ve applied it to fashion emergencies. Before you write me off as completely crazy, let me explain: In New York City, there’s an Ann Taylor or Gap or random clothing store on every corner. So if a (skinny) girl spills coffee down her white blouse an hour before an important…


Win a $250 Shopping Spree at

Hello Lovelies, As you’ve probably noticed, eShakti is one of my favorite clothing stores right now. They’re doing a contest where you can win up to $250 in store credit by putting their brand into your own words! You have till March 31st to enter, so lets go! You can win: 1.) A Grand Prize: $250 gift card 2.) One of 25, yes TWENTY-FIVE $50 gift cards And there’s a guaranteed $10 gift card for every entrant! The details are here make sure you fill out the form, and let them know that you’re a TBGB reader… Happy Shopping! xoxo,CeCe P.S. Tell your (skinny) friends too, this line carries size 0-26 and can do custom fittings for size 28+

Curvy Conversations: Plus Size Fashion from LA to NYC!

Usually people email me their questions, but last week I got this inquiry via Twitter. Hi Jennifer, I’m California Girl too (♥) and although I can’t stand the cold, I do love the fashion it inspires. Luckily for us, West Coast style can be easily revamped for the streets of New York City. Lets start from the bottom up: Shoes: New York is a walking city, so you want to make sure you pack stylish kicks that you can walk a mile in. During the fall, I love to wear boots with a flat heel. Of course, a shoe with heels is the sexier choice, but keeping your balance so that you dont fall down in a pile of snow…


A Plus Size Princess at New York Fashion Week

Often in our Curvy Conversations, I’ve talked about being confident and secure at any size. I’ve urged us not to let our “weight make us wait” to live life to the fullest. Thankfully that mentality has more or less been second nature for me, but sometimes I have my days. Sometimes it takes a little extra energy for me to walk into a room of people and not wonder what they’re thinking. Although I can usually quiet that insecure voice in my head… it can be rough. So, when my fashion writer girlfriend asked me to be her “+1” for New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park, I was flattered and excited, but I was also having “one of those…


Fashion Emergency: What Should I Wear to The Superbowl?

Hey Cece, I just started reading your blog recently. I noticed you give advice to us PSP’s and I wanted to ask your advice on this… I am headed to the Super Bowl in less than 2 weeks and I’m the only girl in my family bigger than a size 6…I’m a 16! I want to wear something fun to the Super Bowl (and after parties) without going over the top. Any great outfit ideas for when you know you’re going to be pictures with skinnies?! Thanks girl. Love,B Hey B, First of all, congrats on your Superbowl trip… how fun! I love clothes and fashion but I don’t talk about it too much on TBGB. (I try to leave…