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My Strapless Bra & Shapewear Guide

I went from a size 28 to 18 and now my tummy rolls and back fat are a bit… um… UNRULY. 

I keep my confidence up with foundation garments…

Some might ask if foundation garments are “body positive”. That’s a decision you have to make for yourself.

Walking into a meeting feeling self conscious about my back fat pulls my focus away from work. If sliding on some Shapewear keeps my mind on building a better future for plus size women, as I build theCURVYcon then it’s a body positive decision for me.

Here is my Guide to Flawless Shapewear & Strapless Bras:

Plus Size Summer Outfit: White Denim Skirt

I know my confidence is growing when this happens:Warm weather comes… and I put away my sweaters.For many years, I wore hoodies and sweaters all year round in an effort to hide my body. If you happened to see a girl walking around in the blazing heat on the 4th of July, wearing a maxi dress and a long sleeve cardigan… that was me. My bad.But each summer, the more my self confidence grew, the easier it became to get dressed. I learned to show my arms, my legs and eventually wear a bikini at the beach!

Advice to My Younger Self: Why Being A Fat Teenager Wasn’t So Bad

I always cringe when I realize that my goal weight today is actually the same weight I was as a teenager. Maybe you’re thinking that’s a completely predictable thing to say — that everyone wants to get back to their teen weight. For me, it’s a little different. I was a fat teenager. I was the teen girl who was looked down on by her doctor as she hopped off the scale. I was the teen girl who sifted through sequined mother-of-the-bride dresses in the “large women’s” section during prom season, trying to find something that was age-appropriate. I have old diaries where, in the top right-hand corner, I’d written down my weight, circled the number, and drew a line…


Shhh! You’re Interrupting my Body Confidence Party…

Have you ever been at a party where everyone was in the zone, dancing the night away and then a neighbor knocks on the door with a noise complaint and kills the whole vibe? Sharing the intimate details of how I’m learning to love myself at any size isn’t an easy thing to do. But when your comments roll in and I realize I’m not alone, the body confidence party begins! Of course, on each post there’s always one vibe killing comment that goes something like this: “Great piece. But being overweight is really unhealthy…” The comment is usually followed by a cautionary list of ailments that I will get if I don’t start taking care of myself (diabetes, heart…


I’ve Lost Weight and Still Feel Like a “Big Girl” (Curvy Convo)

Hey CeCe, I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile now. I recently made a decision to lose weight earlier this year. I did a complete diet change, and I have been working out constantly. As of now I have lost over a total of 60lbs. I am fine with not being skinny. I am more concerned about being healthy. My problem is, I can’t adapt to the “new me.” I guess I shouldn’t say new me because I’ve always been the same person.  Family and Friends constantly compliment me over this major transformation. Of course, I say thank you and tell them what I’ve been doing to lose the weight. However, In my mind I’m still that “big girl”. I can’t seem to shake her out my…


The Comparison Trap

“Am I the biggest girl here?” is a torturous game I used to play with myself when I was growing up. I would ask myself if I was the biggest girl in the room and then look around to see what the answer was. 99% of the time, the answer was yes. What did I do with that information? I just used it to fuel the flames of insecurity that burned quietly inside of me. At BlogHer, Jennipher Walters, creator of fit bottomed girls discussed something called The Comparison Trap. She mentioned how it can be detrimental to us because it can really skew the way we see ourselves. Her words really hit home for me because I’ve spent years…