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Plus Size Brazilian Wax & Spa Review (Spa Ja)

Remember when I went to Miami and got my first Brazilian Wax? Well, getting waxed has slowly become something I do regularly. I like the hygienic benefits and with my active gym schedule (swimming, changing in public etc.), I like not having to worry about maintenance “down there”. The first brazilian I got was at Completely Bare, a hair removal spa with locations all over New York City. The experience and process was stellar. If I had my way, I’d go to them every time. Unfortunately, Completely Bare is on the pricey side and CeCe’s on a budget so I’ve started exploring other places to get it done. Last weekend I went to Spa Ja on 56th and 8th avenue…


Plus Size Travel: Swim Suits & Bikini Waxes

Its 3:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d update you on where I am/what I’m doing. My girlfriend is getting married on Saturday in Miami, so we decided to make a long weekend out of it. When I go on vacation, its always with my family so this is my first “grown-up” trip and I plan on making the most of it. I had to get two things done before I came to Miami: 1.) Get a new bathing suit 2.) Get my first bikini wax. *gulp*Lets start with the swim suit: I have some sites that I used to buy swimsuits in the past, but I wanted to try something different. I came across…