You’ve been following your faves on social media and you’re inspired. Blogging, Podcasts, Youtube, Instagram you love it all! You’re ready to be bold and start doing the “influencer thing” yourself. Maybe you already have followers, maybe you don’t have zero followers, but you know what you want and you’re ready to level up. So… what now?

You may be wondering…

How do I grow my following?
How do I find the confidence to put myself out there?
How do I work with brands?
How do I deal with negative comments?
How do I make money as an influencer?
Which social media platforms should I be on
Do I have to quit my job to be successful?

The Confident Influencer Lab
Step 1: Identify Your Purpose

It all begins with your purpose. Knowing why you want to launch a business and who you want to serve is the best foundation for building a business you love. When we lead with purpose, the press, clients and income we desire fall into place. Understanding the purpose behind your business brings confidence that your work is about something bigger than you. This puts fear in its proper place, this makes it easier to put yourself out there with the intention of service.

Step 2: Find out who needs you

Beautiful marketing comes once we’ve identified your ideal client (yes, you may have more than one). Together we will explore who you want to serve and develop ways to reach them.

Step 3: Where will you live?

Blog, Podcast, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… which platforms are best for you? In the overwhelming world of social media, together we will explore the benefits of each social media platform and decide which ones are crucial to your success.

Step 4: What’s the story?

Your business may not be 100% original, but your story is. I will work with you to tell your story authentically across your platforms using words, images and video.

Step 5: Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you have a side hustle, you’re likely balancing a full time job as well. This can be a recipe for burn out. To prevent this, we will do an audit of your business and create systems to help you accomplish more while doing less.

Step 6: Passive Income

Bringing in consistent income while sharing your gifts is beautiful and empowering. I will help you build, craft, package and price your services in a way that makes you and your clients confident and excited to work together.

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