Yup, I’ve Got Big Boobs… Thoughts?

When I was 12, boys would ball up napkins and toss them down my cleavage from across the lunch table.

When I was 14, a girl referred to my bra as an “over the shoulder boulder holder” in front of my entire acting class.

When I was 16, my friend pulled my bra out of my suitcase during an overnight trip and challenged my other classmates to guess what size I wore.

Why do people think that large breasts are something to be openly gawked at?

I know this isn’t just a plus size issue, since Dolly Parton has been a punchline since as long as I can remember and she’s definitely not a PSP.

A fellow blogger reminded me that as a petite person, she gets crazy comments about how small she is and its just as insulting as the comments I get about my size. Maybe its just having an extreme body that makes people think they can voice their opinions… but if I had an extra eyeball or something, would people be so open with their comments to me? Doubtful.

These days my bra label has enough “d’s” to spell words like “dedicated” and honestly, I love it. My “Twins” are probably the biggest perk of being a plus size princess. Boobs make your waist look smaller, make tops and dresses cuter and… they’re just fun! But sometimes I feel like my boobs are just a punchline.

Does anyone else struggle with this?

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  1. Yup, I've also been plagued with the big boob-itis since my pre-teens..

    I think it easier for people to gawk/comment/(try to) touch a woman with large endowments because women are so objectified in our society.

    The only minor problem I have with also having a larger cup size is having to buy some tops to fit the girls and not the rest of my torso..

    Fortunately I haven't had too many negative experiences with this issue.

  2. over the shoulder boulder holder is a 'funny' term for bras that has been used just about forever. it doesn't have anything to do with the size of the bra – it's just what they are called by some people. i had my 36A training bra called an over the shoulder boulder holder by numerous family members (who think they're funnier than they are, truth be told).

    women in general are objectified – whether we're plus size, skinny, large breasted, tall, whatever. sometimes i wonder if plus size women are a bit too sensitive about stuff like this. i am a big girl who is married to a tall, thin, lanky man, and i have a very thin mother. i hear the kinds of things people say about them as well (my husband has been told he looks like a heroin addict on more than one occasion, but that's just his build).

    i think it's more about people in general objectifying women and judging people based solely on looks. it's also about people being judgmental pricks, intolerant humans, and not having empathy for other people.

    if we learned to respect other people and empathize with their problems and ideas, maybe we'd all be able to get along better and have fuller lives. maybe we wouldn't have to worry that people are always looking at us and judging us because we're fat/skinny/tall/short/large breasted/bald/tattooed/white/black/whatever. maybe we can all just be 'people'.

  3. Ugggh I totally understand. I was at the gym the other day working out with my trainer and was dripping with sweat–only to look up and see this married, middle-aged man staring super hardat my chest. How disgusting.

    Sometimes I love my cleavage but most of the time I'm covering it up. At 27, I'm still self-conscious about it. As much as I understand that men are visual creatures, I don't like giving away a 'good view' for free…so I typically keep mine under wraps.

    I know, I know….I'm working on it.

  4. First, let me start off by saying that i love your blog! and i second, i totally understand what you mean.
    When i was in elementary school i tried to hide my girls by wearing my brothers clothing because i didn't want to draw attention to my chest. The older I've gotten the less self conscious i've become with my chest.
    If someone is going out of their way to compliment my boobs than it's alright with me but if someone is going out of their way to humiliate me than i have no choice but to tell them what they deserve.
    Long comment short, i love my boobs!

  5. I used to embrace the boob gawking. My boobs were a huge punchline & I rolled with it. Now I'm a grownup & don't make the jokes, and hear them a lot less from others. My only qualm with them, however, is that some low cut things just plain look vulgar on me. I love me some cleavage, but I don't want to look like I'm falling out of a top that wasn't intended to have that appearance.

  6. I'm glad to hear you say you think large breasts make clothes cuter because I feel the opposite way about mine. One of the most annoying things to me is when people feel the need to say to my face (friends, family, anyone), "You have big boobs." Oh my god! I hadn't noticed! Thank you so much for letting me know.

  7. One of my nicknames in middle school was Titzilla. This was really only because all the other girls my age barely had anything, and I was a large C/small D by that time, so I was developing and gaining weight MUCH faster than all the other girls I was around.

    It's only recently that I've become more comfortable with having large breasts and wearing bras that are the proper size. I didn't like that they made my boobs appear larger, but as I've gotten older, I definitely look better with the girls lifted and separated. Even now, though, I struggle with being okay with my breast size, and in general have to prep myself going out in public with a good bra that puts 'em where their supposed to be.

    My biggest struggle with large breasts is honestly that men who like big boobs like me. And most of the time, these guys are awkward or creepy and make me feel completely objectified. It's almost as though they only like me because I can fill out a large bra. Plus, I hate when they ask what my size is, as if they can get off on it. Except for that, I definitely think I'm accepting myself much more and feel far more comfortable with having large breasts.

  8. I am a member of DDD club as well. I don't have back problems, they don't get in my way and men love them. I have no problem with my breast and may God bless the person who does, becuase they must be jealous!

  9. I hate mine! They are 38DDD and they aren't perky. The are full but I want them to stand at attention. It's even caused my intimacy with my boyfriend to be sour because he is a butt man and I don't want him to see my saggy boobs. I can't take my bra off 🙁

  10. @Natisha

    I can't speak for everyone but I used to have similar issues with that until I looked around at the women in my family and the young ones (below the age of 18) Don't have perky boobs either…its just something some women have more dense breasts then others and more perkyness if you will..

  11. I remember when I was in fourth grade a friend told me I should wear my mom's bra because I was developing so quickly. Unfortunately wearing a bra hadn't crossed my mind before that moment.

  12. I started wearing a bra in 4th grade and once I hit middle school it was a NIGHTMARE. Sadly, I am 37 and it's still an issue. I am pretty sure that I am more than my big boobs, but sometimes I feel like that is the only thing some men see. GRRRR!

  13. What I want to know, is why do men feel the desire to take my bra and put it on their heads? This has seriously happened to me more than a few times. It's really unusual and I'm not entirely sure how I do/should feel about it!

  14. My boobs are one of my favorite things about being a PSP! I work them like they are going out of style. So if someone tries to tease me about the ladies, that is just one thing that I don’t care about. If people say I word about them all I have to say is that their my ladies and I love them and if you don’t like them, do not look at them, thank you very much honey pie. My pet peeve about this is that there are no decently cute bras. I mean, I’ve got my share of sexy lacy bras, but those are about the only ones I can find that do their job and are cute. I love the lace bras but I’m only 19, I want to be able to wear plaid bras, and rainbow bras, and just cute bras. And I want these cute bras to do their dang job. I hover between a D and DD and even Victoria’s Secret does not have anything to offer me. I demand cute bras!!!

    1. im 19 also and i love my boobs the make me feel sexy and no one can tell me otherwise and i would loooove to find a place where i could buy cute bras with rainbows and stuff. i have never had one 🙁

  15. This is a sensitive subject for me. I started developing boobs really early. (6 yrs old). And it was just as traumatic as you are probably imagining. I have a friend who, to this day, thinks its appropriate for him to throw balled up pieces of paper at my cleavage. I’ve yelled at him for it before, but it still is just a joke to him. Nothing makes me more angry than someone disrespecting my body like that. And to the other extreme, my mother thinks its okay to tell me…correction…to NAG me about showing cleavage for years! “Pull your top up, I see your cleavage, pull your top up”. I’m f*cking 27 yrs old and she still does it. Its nobody’s right to dictate a damn thing about my body. I love my girl’s, but they are MINE, not some carnival game, or something I should be ashamed of.

  16. Mpls Mixedchick

    I guess I would rather have the big boobs than not to have them. I’m a PSP and my boobs are a full C cup and that’s only because I’ve gained weight recently. I’ve always been a PSP but I was never more than a B cup. If I was to lose weight I’d probably have none at all! Yeah I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

  17. Mpls Mixedchick

    I guess I would rather have the big boobs than not to have them. I’m a PSP and my boobs are a full C cup and that’s only because I’ve gained weight recently. I’ve always been a PSP but I was never more than a B cup. If I was to lose weight I’d probably have none at all! Yeah I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

  18. I’m 11 and I have big boobs I wear a 36D My mom has big boobs she says it is ok but everyone always jokes me so I’m with you.

  19. I’m 11 and I have big boobs I wear a 36D My mom has big boobs she says it is ok but everyone always jokes me so I’m with you.

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