Author: CeCe Olisa

How I’m Decorating for Christmas + Giveaway

We are just days away from Christmas! As I celebrate the holidays for the first time in my new apartment, I am challenging myself to create an epic Christmas decor moment using items from JCPenney! Click to find out how I did, and details on a Christmas giveaway I’m holding.

How I Moved into My DREAM Apartment

I just moved into my new apartment, but things haven’t always been easy. I’m sharing the 5 year journey that took me from sleeping on floors to an apartment better than I could ever imagine.

5 Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas to Try This Year

Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday as I lean more into gratitude at all times. I’m thankful for everything that’s happening in my life, even when it doesn’t feel good because I know that good and better things are always on the way.

Thanksgiving is also great because you can rock any style and it will work.

Not sure what to wear for Thanksgiving? I’ve got FIVE thanksgiving outfits perfect for any style… Leave a comment letting me know your favorite!

What Should I Wear for my Tedx Talk?

I’m excited to share that I’m doing a Tedx Talk this week!

As you can imagine, I am a little nervous, but I am doing everything I can to prepare. The last decision is… what should I wear?

Over the years you’ve seen me do Wendy Williams show, the Rachael Ray show and of course, theCURVYcon so you know the different style choices I like to make for special moment.

Fall Fashion Faux Ever with Bloomingdales

With NYC finally experiencing cooler weather, I’ve transitioned my wardrobe to keep warm. Click to read how I made this transition featuring a faux fur vest and turtleneck, found exclusively at Bloomingdales.

Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe | Fall

A Capsule Wardrobe is a collection a few essential items that are classic and timeless, so they never go out of style. You can use these items to create endless outfits, from day to night, that will keep you on trend all season long, year after year.
This Fall, I decided to take ten pieces and create as many outfits as I can! Watch my Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe video, then click the arrows below for details on how I mixed and matched each look