Author: CeCe Olisa

3 Easy Plus Size Nautical Outfits

Finding a cute plus size nautical outfit can be tough, so in today’s post I’m sharing a few easy plus size nautical outfits that you can replicate. Click the arrows to see what I wore during my Martha’s Vineyard vacation and leave a comment telling me which look you like the best!

Body Positive Workout: Aerial Yoga

When I first decided I wanted to try aerial yoga, I had one question– what is the weight limit for aerial yoga?

You already know what I was worried about, I was wondering if aerial yoga for plus size people was even an option. Would the silks hold me up? Would I be able to do aerial poses? Is aerial yoga hard?

If you have similar questions, this post is for you!

My New Podcast: Cocktails & Confidence

Chastity Garner and CeCe Olisa are asked everyday about their level of confidence, from fashion to building their own business, and how they get the confidence to do what they do. Each week, CeCe and Chastity will explore what it takes to be confident, over cocktails. 

5 Day Motivation Challenge

I don’t know about you, but it can be hard for me to get motivated and it can be even harder for me to STAY motivated!

So, I’m really proud of myself for staying motivated and consistent for this long. I feel a strong love towards myself for making a commitment and sticking to it. I’m also feeling stronger and better after my health scare last year.

This Outfit Helped Me Reach my Fitness Goals

Last week, I built my outfits around my Easy Spirit slip-on flats. This way, when I had a lunch meeting on the lower east side followed by an appointment across town in SoHo I comfortably walked the 1.5 miles from one engagement to the other.

Two Scoops on a Hot Summer Day

I wear a lot of dresses during the summer, so when my friends at SimplyBe told me about their new dress campaign I was super excited to see what they had to offer. I was torn between two looks and

3 Major Adulting Mistakes I Made This Year

As I stood on the corner of 34th street and 7th avenue, I was in a full blown panic. I was too weak to stand on my own, so I leaned against the grimy wall outside New York Penn Station and waited for an ambulance to find me in the middle of Manhattan.

Just a few hours earlier, I was happily dancing at a friends wedding.

A few days before that I was filming my first national segment for the Today Show during New York Fashion Week.

I had no idea that while I was laser focused on supporting my friends and pursuing my passions, my body was quietly falling apart.

Which brings me to the most frustrating adulting mistake I’ve made this year….

Looking for Cheap Plus Size Summer Dresses? Read This!

Last weekend I switched my closet over from winter to summer. It was fun to open up my warm weather wardrobe because sometimes I truly forget what clothes I own, so it’s pretty much like shopping in my own closet.

When I pulled this dress out I fell in love with it all over again. I love the tiny delicate straps, I love the rich orange paisley and most of all I love the handkerchief cut of the dress.