Author: CeCe Olisa

How to Decorate a Small Apartment (on a Budget!) | Kitchen Tour

A few months ago, I moved into my dream apartment here in New York City. This apartment is the first time I’ve rented a space completely on my own with no help from my parents. I’m growing up, yall!

At first when I moved in, I was really intimidated by the idea of interior decorating. I was convinced that I didn’t have the talent for home decor. I reached out to a bunch of decorators to help me, but no one I contacted was the right fit.

I’m learning in life, that if something isn’t coming together smoothly, it means I need to take a pause and revisit my approach. 

I sat in a semi-furnished apartment for MONTHS and then it finally hit me… maybe I should be the one to decorate my space! I know what I like and more importantly, I know how I want my home to feel.

As a Cancerian (June 26th), my living space is like my crab shell. I want to feel safe and cozy! So, maybe my new apartment would feel most like home if I had a hand in decorating it myself.

How to Dress Like a French Woman | Plus Size Fashion

I see so many “How to Dress like a French Woman” posts on pinterest, but I don’t see many with plus size women… so I thought I’d create some plus size french girl fashion inspiration for us. Here are the Plus Size Parision Style looks I put together for my trip.

The Truth About Nike Plus Size Mannequins

This week, Tanya Gold saw a plus size mannequin at the Nike store and had a full meltdown, which she poured into her article for the guardian. When I read her words I laughed, got irritated, then I opened my laptop and started writing this post

I Use These Products For Healthy Sisterlocks

When I first got my sisterlocks, I remember being so worried about taking care of them. I was nervous that my sisterlocks would unravel, snap off, not lock or even worse… not grow as long as I wanted them to. Five years later, I know that my hair isn’t as delicate and fragile as it was that first year when I was locing. 

Now that I’ve relaxed about my hair a bit I’m much more open to trying new products in my hair. Over the past few months I’ve been slowly testing new things to see what I like.

These are the products I use on my sisterlocks:

What to Wear to the Hamptons | Plus Size Outfits

This weekend, I celebrated my friend Oscar’s birthday at our friend Kyle and Andy’s home in The Hamptons. Last summer was my first time staying in the Hampton’s There’s something special about the style aesthetic that goes along with places like this. I wont lie… I love it!

Style Guide: This Plus Size Summer Dress is Perfect

It’s no secret that dresses are my thing.  They’re feminine, easily dressed up or down and if I’m rushing in the morning, I love making one decision on what to wear in the morning instead of mixing and matching tops and bottoms. I don’t mind denim in the summer, but there’s something so special about floating around in a summer dress. After a long weekend in the Hamptons (did you catch my friends doing an EPIC runway show around the pool on my instagram stories? lol) I came back to NYC still wanting to squeeze a little bit more out of my long weekend. I bought a bunch of plus size summer essentials from Lane Bryant, including this adorable fit…


How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans (Easiest Hack Ever!)

When I walk down the streets of New York City, I’m noticing that wide leg jeans are starting to pop up more and more, perhaps for obvious reasons; they elongate the legs, are super comfortable, and give a retro vibe that everyone is loving these days.So… why have I been so hesitant to wear them myself?