Author: CeCe Olisa

NYC Workout Studio Review: SHAKTIBARRE

Things have been flipped upside down lately.

I’m practicing health and safety first – meaning I’m pretty much stuck at home – now I really miss all the new workouts I got to try last month! Here’s the full review of last month’s barre/yoga class…

How to be Vulnerable

To me, what she’s asking is pretty simple– how can I be vulnerable and still protect myself?

This is such a good question, it’s something I think about (and work on) all the time.

I understand that it may be tempting to use vulnerability to connect with people online. You can absolutely be vulnerable, but don’t have to “spill all your tea” if you don’t want to.

Here is a rule I follow when it comes to vulnerability in my work.

What’s in my Gym Bag? 

Because I live in New York City, I’m always trying to pack the perfect gym bag– something not too heavy, but with all of my essentials. The one thing I don’t carry? Shoes! Keep reading to find out why!

What to do in New York City: Brunch at Biyou Brooklyn

Happy Friday, dolls! Here’s what I did this week:⁣⁣
🍳 Sunday Brunch: @biyoubk feels like you’re sitting in someone’s New Orleans kitchen getting a home cooked meal. There’s only one hard working chef, so be prepared to have a relaxing, leisurely meal⁣⁣

How to Have a Glow Up: 5 Secrets No One Talks About

I started blogging (anonymously!) in 2008. At the time, I felt insecure, rejected and unsure of myself. I wrote about those feelings and slowly people around the world began to follow me as I did my best figure things out. If you’ve been here since the beginning, thank you for sticking with me this long. If you’re new here, welcome!

Word on the street is that I’ve had a “glow up”.

I don’t know about that, but I do know I have been working on myself. Like, really working on myself.

The process of my “glow up” has been painful, frustrating and sometimes terrifying. I made a decision five years ago to start doing the spiritual work, mental health work and physical work to become the best version of myself that I could.

I’m committed to helping you build self confidence, so today I’m going to share some of my glow up secrets with you.

This is How to have a Glow Up: 5 Secrets No one Talks About

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Do you have dry skin during the colder months? Say ‘goodbye’ to itchy, irritated skin with these remedies to achieve a healthy, hydrated glow. 

My Favorite Prosecco Cocktail Recipe!

I always have Prosecco chilled in my fridge– this way I’m always prepared to celebrate! Lately, I’ve been sipping on Prosecco from Cupcake Vineyards. It feels good to have a friend over for dinner and toast to her accomplishments (or mine!). Thankfully with the dope group of women I have in my circle, celebrations happen often at my apartment!

Fall Boot Guide

It is finally boot season, and I’ve already added a few beauties to my collection.

There are three boot styles I like to keep in rotation: ankle booties, knee high boots and over-the-knee boots.

If you’ve got thick solid legs like I do, you may need a little extra room in the calf area… I’ve got you covered!

How to Wear Plaid | 5 Chic Fall Essentials

Plaid has always made me feel stylish. From grunge era flannel shirts to iconic school uniforms, plaid never goes out of style so I consider it a classic print. I’m confident that if I see a photo of myself in plaid from any era, I’ll still consider it a cute look. 

Five Beauty Products I Love: October Empties

Do you ever notice that you have random jars of unused beauty products around your bathroom?

If a jar is sitting in my bathroom for months and I’ve only used it once or twice, chances are I didn’t love it but I feel bad about being wasteful so it just sits on my shelves.

I recently realized that a great way for me to figure out which products I truly love is to look at the containers that are empty!

This month I’m sharing five products that I’ve used all the way to the end. I also made a video review on my instagram – you can watch that video here!