Author: CeCe Olisa

Outfit of the Day: Pretty Woman

Remember at the end of “Pretty Woman” when Julia Roberts is on her way to a better life? I always loved the outfit she wore during that scene, but I was nervous to tuck my blouse in. This week I’m throwing that fear out the window!

How to Find Glasses for Big Heads

In high school, we took measurements for theater costumes and I had the biggest head in the theater department.

Having a big head isn’t something I think about until I want a hat or a pair of glasses. We’ll deal with hats another day (yes, I found some… leave a comment if you want details on that).

Today let’s talk glasses! In today’s video I’m sharing how I got glasses for my big head and why I wear glasses when I’m at the computer now.

Vanity Tour: My Makeup Storage & Organization

I decided to look at a solution that would help me to organize my makeup collection, have a place to primp (and film beauty videos) and a desk that I could use during the day to get work done.

My solution was a vanity/desk.

Travel Diary: 5 Awesome Things to do in Columbia, South Carolina

I’m having an amazing time traveling the country with LOFT.

One of my YouTube subscribers suggested that I do some travel vlogs during my trips. I thought that was such a good idea!

Want to see how fun it is in Columbia, SC? Watch my travel video below and then check out 5 Awesome things to do in Columbia, SC.

Plus Size Fashion Haul: Dia & Co Unboxing

I got a box from Dia & Co the other day and I’m hoping you can help me choose what to keep and what to send back!

Have you tried Dia & Co before?

So, basically Dia & Co is the easiest way for a plus size girl to have a personal stylist.

5 Amazing Things that Happened This Month: January

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018 is to take note of the good things in my life while they’re happening. If you haven’t figured this out about me already, I’m very driven and goal oriented. This is a good thing, but sometimes I’m so focused on the future that I don’t take in the amazing things happening in the present until much later.

This year I want to look back on each day, week and month and take moments for joy and gratitude.

That being said, I’d like to share with you 5 Amazing things that happened in the month of January.

7 Easy plus size casual outfits

I’m obsessed with creating outfits that are cute and comfortable. Of course, I’m always going to be stylish but figuring out how to do it on days when I want to dress down is what today’s post it all about.

I realized that with the right collection of cute sneakers, jeans that fit like a glove and layering pieces I could make adorable casual outfits that were far from sloppy!

Want to see them?