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Looking for a Sports Bra for Big Busts? Read This!

Can we talk about sports bras for a second? One of the things I’ve observed is that some of us like our sports bras WITH underwire and some of us prefer our sports bra WITHOUT underwire. Are you Team Underwire or Team no Underwire? I’ve had extra bounce, jiggle and spillage ruin many of my workouts. Not to mention the strange contraptions I’ve created for myself that included my regular bra with a flimsy sports bra layered over it. The combination of being active and having large breasts shouldn’t be a big deal and it should be super easy to find a sports bras for big boobs. Ask any busty girl who goes to the gym where she gets her sports bras…


4 Ways to Slay Your Every Day Runway

The transition from Summer to Fall fashion is one of my favorite things each year. I feel like I strut a little stronger when I’m rocking the perfect pair of boots and my favorite new fall bag. I love mixing up my makeup colors to compliment a new cozy sweater and layering is an art that I’m getting better at each year. The best part about Fall fashion is that we can nail trends and stay on budget, so before I go and splurge my first stop was Kohl’ Here are a few fall trends that I scooped up from the Kohl’s Every Day Runway edit. A trick I’m learning with Kohl’s is that they have quite a few items…


How to Blog and Make Money | Step 1

In 2009 times were tough for me. I was working full time, making decent money, but I STILL had trouble living in NYC and managing my bills (I’m looking at you Sallie Mae!). I was super stressed about about money, so I decided to take on a second job at a retail store. Yup, on nights and weekends I would work retail for extra cash. And it was Terrible I was getting into the office at 9am, leaving at 5:15 and checking into a second job until midnight, I’d get home around 1am and wake up a few hours later to get back to my day job. I felt tired, I looked tired and the extra money was helpful, but the toll it…


A Year of Loving Myself: 2015

  If I were the type of person who said things like “This is gonna be my year!” I would have said it on January 1, 2015. But I’m not that kind of person, so I just giddily looked ahead. I was confident that at the end of 2015 I would love myself and my life in a completely different way than I did in 2014. Welp– I can confidently say that I was right, but… um… my version of 2015 was all roses and what really happened was roses and thorns… lots of thorns (shout out to Brett Michaels, you called it bro). Loving yourself and living a life you love are beautiful goals. The results are always worth…


Model or Me: Eloquii Gown

This Fall, I brought “Plus Size Model or Me?” to the blog with this post. Some of you asked: “Why make it a competition?”, “Why ask us to choose?”, “Is this even body positive?” Here’s my answer: As plus size women, many of us automatically think our bodies are a hindrance to wearing certain items. Big girls often feel they aren’t even in the same “league” as a smaller girl. I do think there’s some body positive affirmation that comes when you can root for the fat chick. I think it’s body positive to see that items can look just as good on a big girl with lumps as it does on a model with a perfect figure. So, these posts…


Ultimate Workout Playlist | December 2015

Shout out to Tasha Lynne who asked for a Workout playlist over on my facebook page. I’ve got a December workout playlist that I’m kind of obsessed with. It’s a combination of some of the new music I love and my favorite Christmas songs that I can workout to. It was hard to only put in one Whitney song, so I did two. I may have done a praise break while walking during Joy to the World, but that’s my business. It was also hard not to just add the entire *NSYNC Christmas album, but… I held back lol The playlist is 46 minutes long including a cooldown to 98 degrees, This Gift (CeCe’s boy band obsessed if you didn’t…


Girl Gang Sleepover with Catherines

Do you follow me (CeCeOlisa) on snapchat? If you do, you saw the shenanigans from my totally amazing sleepover weekend a few weeks ago. Here’s how it all went down. Catherines and Kellie B. invited me upstate to Rhinebeck, New York for a slumber party weekend. Spending quality time with blogger boo’s Ty, Margie, Maddy, Rochelle is a no brainer so, of course I cleared my calendar. We made our way upstate where a variety of experts were waiting to help us activate our inner Martha Stewart. First up was getting into our pajamas and learning to make cocktails with cute in-home bartenders… we nailed that! Pajama Top |  Pajama Bottom  |  Robe  |  Slipper Booties   The six of us spent lots of…


A Cute Plus Size Pajama Onesie

In our family, we go to 5am service on Christmas morning. As a kid, for me the best part about 5am service was that my parents let us attend church in our pajamas. I thought that was hilarious.

Three Ways to Wear a Pleated Leather Skirt

I always get questions on where to find inexpensive plus size clothes. For me, its not about getting cheap clothes but its about buying items that I can wear often and they still feel new each time. Earlier this season I ordered a plus size pleated leather skirt. I’ve been wanting one for a while because I knew it could be a super versatile piece that I could style different ways. So, here is one pleated leather skirt styled three ways! Quick Tip: One of my favorite ways to get more out of my purchases is to turn a dress into a top by layering it undrneath a skirt. I featured this mini dress a few weeks ago in a “model…


How to Stick with Your Workouts During the Holidays

  I know I don’t need to explain to you how easy it is to skip workouts during the holidays– augh. It’s getting dark and cold pretty quickly here in NYC, so when I look out the window or step outside I just want to run back inside and hibernate. Not to mention my schedule between Thanksgiving and Christmas is just bananas. In the PSP Squad facebook group, some of my girls were asking for tips to stay healthy during the holidays. I don’t think it’s fair to try and overhaul your whole lifestyle during the holidays, so I’m not going to suggest anything extreme, but we can do our best to maintain where we are during the holidays, right? So here are four things…