About Last Night: Kirk Franklin x Maverick City Music Concert

Growing up, we used to say “Ain’t no party like a Holy Ghost party, cause a Holy Ghost party don’t stop!” and there was definitely a Holy Ghost party at the Barclays Center last night.
Last night Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin brought the Kingdom Arena Tour to Brooklyn and it was an INCREDIBLE night. Thank you to The Brooklyn Mavens Instagram account for listing last night’s concert in their November events round-up. The Brooklyn Mavens keep me tapped into the best events and experiences here in Brooklyn and they get it right every week!
How do you dress for concerts?
My concert style is cute/comfy. First of all, no one is coming to see me (Otis!) and second I like to move and dance at concerts (we definitely danced in the aisles last night). So, here’s what I wore…

Plus Size Outfit of the Day:


Just a reminder that I’m a size 14 top, 18 bottom, and a size 11W shoe. Here’s how you can re-create my plus-size concert outfit of the day:
Plus Size Cropped Turtleneck: J. Crew | Plus Size Jeans: FTF | Crossbody Bag: Coach | Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1’s 


Who’s THAT girl?: Naomi Raine


Before Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin took the stage, the MC asked a little girl in the front row who she had come to see.

The little girl responded with one word “Naomi”.

I must admit, I had no idea who she was talking about. I’m new to Maverick City Music. “Bless Me” has been on my morning playlist for a few weeks now, but that’s about it.

Within a few songs, I was blessed to know EXACTLY who “Naomi” was and why the little girl said what she said.

Naomi Raine has a voice that is so clear and pretty it makes you want to cry and her worship style is free and passionate, yet relaxed.

I’m so excited to dig into more of Naomi Raine’s music this weekend. I’m also watching this documentary on the Naomi Raine youtube channel where she’s having a great conversation about Christianity and mental health.

I’m already a fan!


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