A Simple Greek Salad Recipe

This Greek Salad recipe is becoming one of my favorite recipes because it’s delicious, refreshing and super simple to make.

I love knowing that with this recipe I will have a delicious flavorful meal ready in a very small amount of time. It makes it easy to cook at home with simple recipes like this on deck.

I love to make this cool salad for lunch or dinner on a warm summer day and enjoy it by the pool. Typically greek salads don’t have greens in them, but I like to increase my intake of leafy greens whenever I can, so I include whatever greens are in my fridge whenever I whip up this salad, if you prefer to skip the greens, feel free.

For this salad you only need 7 ingredients– most of them you may already have in your fridge!

Leafy greens (optional)

grilled chicken




red onion

feta cheese

olive oil drizzle

sea salt to taste

Chop everything into bit size chunks and prepare a beautiful salad bowl to enjoy.

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