Dear CeCe: How do I Start a Successful Blog?

Dear CeCe! I love your blog! I really want to start my own blog, but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any advice for starting successful blog? How to get noticed? How to get people to my site? HELP! -SD Hi SD! I’m flattered that you’d ask me for advice on blogging. In the grand scheme of things, I definitely consider myself a baby blogger, but I have learned a lot the past few years. I am passionate about blogging, I love it and it has become a huge part of my life which is something I didn’t expect. I’m going to answer some of the questions I get asked most often about blogging here and hopefully…


Best Camera Equipment for Blogging & YouTube| How to Blog & Make Money Step 3

I am so excited for all of you that are following along with my “How to Blog and Make Money” series. I just got a note that made me so happy: Hey CeCe, I just wanted to take a minute to check back in and give you an update on what happened with my blog after reading your post(s). I upgraded from a blogspot blog to my own .com (Step 1), then I signed up for AdSense (Step 2)… and now the money is flowing! It’s AMAZING to me! I’m not doing anything different than what I’ve always done with my blog. I just post about my hobbies, crafts and money saving tips. I didn’t want one of those blogs that…


How to Blog and Make Money | Step 2

I’m so excited for all of you who are following along on my how to blog and make money series! After working two jobs left me physically and emotionally worn down, I decided to quit my part time job and replace that income by monetizing my blog (you can read the full story in step one). My initial goal was to have my blog bring in $500/month after taxes, I’m happy to say that I hit my $500/month blog income goal. Fast forward a few years and I was shocked to see that my blog was actually bringing in more than my full time corporate salary. Making full time income from a blog probably sounds super overwhelming, so for now let’s stick…


How to Blog and Make Money | Step 1

In 2009 times were tough for me. I was working full time, making decent money, but I STILL had trouble living in NYC and managing my bills (I’m looking at you Sallie Mae!). I was super stressed about about money, so I decided to take on a second job at a retail store. Yup, on nights and weekends I would work retail for extra cash. And it was Terrible I was getting into the office at 9am, leaving at 5:15 and checking into a second job until midnight, I’d get home around 1am and wake up a few hours later to get back to my day job. I felt tired, I looked tired and the extra money was helpful, but the toll it…


Olay 28 Day Challenge Results

I’m at that interesting age where acne is still a thing, but I know wrinkles and aging are around the corner.

When it comes to my skincare, I have to address both.

Want to Quit Your Job? Read This First.

It was 8am on a crisp November Monday. I stepped off of the elevators on the 41st floor of my corporate office in Manhattan’s financial district. As I sat down at my desk, one task zoomed to the top of my to-do list– print my resignation letter and quit my job. I felt a healthy mix of sadness, anxiety and relief. I did things the right way, giving more than 30 days notice, offering to train my replacement. etc. My boss threw me an awesome goodbye party and then, boom four weeks later I was instantly self employed, my own boss, a creative entrepreneur. That was almost three years ago and I’ve been supporting myself on my own terms ever since. Do you…


How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

The moment I held my hands over the keyboard to type this post, my eyes teared up a little bit. I think most of you know that I moved to NYC to do Musical Theater. All I ever wanted to do was sing and dance on Broadway, I spent so much of my life in the acting/performing world that I was conditioned to see myself through the eyes of casting directors. Remember my Fat Girl Flashback? Well, being an NYC actress was 1,000 times worse. I was constantly told that in order to fit in, I needed to change. I felt like what I wanted to be couldn’t happen because of what I looked like. It was so painful to…


Meet the #PSPfit Volunteers! | Plus Size Fitness

Today is the first official day of #PSPfit bootcamp! (The next cycle will be in the fall, pre register here) Some of my bootcamp babes from previous cycles noticed how overwhelmed I’ve been and were kind enough to offer to help out with #PSPfit. These girls are kind, inspiring and I’d like for you to meet them: Amy: United Kingdom/Boston, MA  Hey, I’m Amy! I’m based in Boston, but am originally from the UK (where I will be for half of this round of bootcamp)! I spend my free time doing fun stuff with my friends, usually involving nice dinners and wine! I’ve done 2 rounds of #PSPfit now, and I honestly love it. I am so excited to be…


Unconventional Couples

I was in church a few months ago and one of the eligible bachelors in the congregation brought his new girlfriend to service. This guy is shorter than me, probably like 5’8 and his girlfriend was probably 5’11 with body for DAYS. One of my female friends leaned over to me and said “Um, she looks like she would break him in HALF!” Last week I read an article written by a woman who is dating someone with a disability. In it she mentioned that people regularly ask them how things work in the bedroom. This got me to thinking about “unconventional” relationships and how the first thing people do is imagine you having sex. I broached that subject on…


Should I Tell My Plus Size Daughter to Lose Weight?

Hi CeCe, I’ve been following your blog for a long time.  I want to start by saying how beautiful you are and what a great role model you are for bigger (for that matter, all) girls everywhere! I’m hoping you can give me some advice regarding my 18-year-old daughter.  By society’s standards she may be on the lower end of plus-size (12/14) but she trains competitively in the sport of horse show jumping and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that 99% of the young girls in that sport are rail thin. She has never let her size stop her and has received many accomplishments in jumping her 3 horses, has many girl friends, and a lot of…