7 Minute Standing Abs | Plus Size Workout Video

Hey there, dolls!

A standing ab routine is a game-changer for busy days. It targets your core without the need for floor work. Plus, it improves posture, enhances balance, and helps sculpt a strong, confident physique. Standing tall and proud, we embrace the power of self-love through joyful, accessible movement. 💪🏾✨

I am beyond thrilled to team up with Harlem Cycle at Home for an incredible virtual fitness experience that’s all about celebrating our bodies, embracing our curves, and nurturing a healthy relationship with fitness.


Tamecca Rochester, the brilliant mind behind Harlem Cycle, and I have created a series of workouts on the Harlem Cycle At-Home platform. It’s all part of my Curve Method by CeCe, where we live by the mantra “Health is a Practice, Not a Pant Size.” This approach to fitness goes beyond just burning calories; it’s about self-love, joyful movement, and body positivity. Our goal is to boost your confidence and help you truly embrace your beautiful body.

The best part? It’s travel-friendly! This summer, you can take your fitness journey with you, no matter where you roam. Our workouts are designed to be doable, enjoyable, and packed with empowering energy.

Ready to join us? Use code CECE for 7 days free and an exclusive 20% off a full year membership at Harlem Cycle at Home. Unlimited access to all our fantastic content awaits, from quick 7-minute arms workouts to standing ab routines you can do anytime, anywhere. So, let’s sweat, smile, and celebrate our curves together!

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