www.CeCeOlisa.com | 5 Ways to Be Healthy Without Stepping Foot in a Gym

6 Ways to Be Healthy Without Stepping Foot in a Gym

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www.CeCeOlisa.com | 5 Ways to Be Healthy Without Stepping Foot in a Gym

*This post has been sponsored by Lane Bryant.  All thoughts and Opinions are my own, of course.

Are you thinking about how to level up your health, fitness and wellness overall?

You’re not alone.

www.CeCeOlisa.com | 5 Ways to Be Healthy Without Stepping Foot in a Gym

After getting extremely sick in 2017, I’ve made consistent healthy habits a non-negotiable part of my life. You may have noticed my body has changed over the past couple of years as a result. I post my workouts regularly on my instagram account, but I’m often asked. CeCe what else are you doing besides working out?

To be candid– many of the things that have helped me stay consistent with my health and wellness have nothing to do with diet and exercise. Therapy has been a game changer for me and my relationship with God is more important to me than ever before.

Over the past few years (yes, YEARS) I have slowly incorporated lots of tiny changes that are adding up to me feeling better. This makes it easier for me to decide to go to the gym even when I don’t want to. I could tell you that going to the gym (or working out at home) is a great way to love your body, but lets be real– you already know that.

If you’re not doing it, there’s probably a reason… it can be overwhelming!

So, let’s make life easier for and remove the gym from your to-do list for a sec. What ELSE could you be doing to level up your health?

I’ve got a few ideas…

Today I’d like to share 6 ways to level up your health without stepping foot in a gym:

1.) Buy Workout Clothes

You’re probably thinking “CeCe, you JUST said I could skip the gym… why do I need workout clothes??”

Here’s a secret:

When it comes to my health, I always fake it till I make it and cute workout clothes are a HUGE part of that. If I wake up on a Saturday morning and put on workout clothes it instantly puts me in a healthy curves mindset. I find myself starting my day with hot water and lemon, meal prepping, walking to the grocery store instead of taking an uber. It’s like putting on the “costume” of the person I want to be actually makes me play the part!

The outfit I have on below is what plus size workout clothing dreams are made of. This sports bra is my first wire-free sports bra in a long time and it is VERY supportive. These leggings are just adorable (do you see the little ruffle on the ankle? love!) and this jacket is actually a peplum with gorgeous ruffles in the back. My entire look is from the Lane Bryant Livi Active collection.

www.CeCeOlisa.com | 5 Ways to Be Healthy Without Stepping Foot in a Gym

Wicking Active JacketLow-Impact Wicking Sport Bra  | SculptLight Active 7/8 Legging

2.) Hydration

When I don’t drink enough water I feel it immediately. My skin looks dull, my lips are dry, my knees are a bit more sore. So, these days I keep a gallon of water next to my computer at all times and sip constantly through the day.

Keeping yourself hydrated is so important. According to Mayo Clinic, water makes up 60% off your body weight,  our bodies need it to survive. Not only is drinking water necessary to keep your body running, drinking plenty of water can also help relieve joint pain, by keeping your cartilage soft and lubricated. If you are struggling with osteoarthritis as I am, you know how important this is!

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2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Be Healthy Without Stepping Foot in a Gym”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration CeCe! At this time of the year everyone is thinking about getting healthier and this really helps. I too have osteoarthritis in my knees and have started taking glucosamine, but I could not figure out for the life of me why my lips were so dry all of a sudden until I read your post. You’re always dropping the gems!

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