5 Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas to Try This Year

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Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving already?

Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday as I lean more into gratitude at all times. I’m thankful for everything that’s happening in my life, even when it doesn’t feel good because I know that good and better things are always on the way.

Thanksgiving is also great because you can rock any style and it will work. Sometimes I’ve done a glam thanksgiving and sometimes I’ve made sure to wear stretchy pants so I could eat everything!

Not sure what to wear for Thanksgiving? I’ve got FIVE thanksgiving outfits perfect for any style… click the arrows to see which one you like. Leave a comment letting me know your favorite!


www.CeCeOlisa.com | 5 Thanksgiving Outfits

Turtleneck | Faux Fur Vest | Jeans | BootsBelt Bag


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9 thoughts on “5 Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas to Try This Year”

  1. Love them all. The fur vest with jeans is my fav. Black dress outfit is gorgeous and you look fabulous in the last pic (white tee, etc)! Will take one of everything!!!

  2. Ik im wearing a combination of flirty and sporty. I love them all but I get so lazy lol. This where a glitter jumpsuit and some sneakers are a must.

  3. I like the flirty look. It makes you look confident and casual. Although I like your hear in the sporty look. Happy Thanksgiving.

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