My Strapless Bra & Shapewear Guide

Editors Note: This article was updated on 6.21.2022

I went from a size 28 to 18 and now my tummy rolls and back fat are a bit… um… UNRULY. 

I keep my confidence up with foundation garments…

Some might ask if foundation garments are “body positive”. That’s a decision you have to make for yourself.

Walking into a meeting feeling self conscious about my back fat pulls my focus away from work. If sliding on some Shapewear keeps my mind on building a better future for plus size women, as I build theCURVYcon then it’s a body positive decision for me.

Here is my Guide to Flawless Shapewear & Strapless Bras:

All of the shapewear I recommend is seam-free so you wont have to worry about weird ugly lines under your clothes (trust me, it’s embarrassing).

My Shapewear collection includes:

  1. These smoothing panties : I wear these under jeans, dresses, and sometimes with leggings if I want a super smooth look (i.e. with a sweater in winter) I love these light weight panties because they breathe, hold me in and dont move all day. I noticed that I get such great shape because I’m not afraid to size DOWN. Yes, I buy my shapewear a size smaller than the chart says I should. I can breathe just fine… by sizing down, I really put the technology to work but I get the look I want. When you put them on, fit them around your bum and then gently pull them up over your tummy/back. When I yank them up, I end up with a wedgy and it’s NOT FUN haha. 
  2. These smoothing shorts: Again, super light weight. These prevent inner thigh chaffing in the summer, so I often wear them under maxi dresses too. I always get these a size up from my size in the panties linked above. So, if my smoothing panties are in an XL, my smoothing shorts will be in a XXL. Why? My booty! I tried to size down in the smoothing shorts and my bum literally busted through them and I had a big hole. I guess those squats are paying off?? lol

Now here’s where it gets intense…

Most of the time when I’m really snatched, I’m wearing *deep breath* TWO PAIRS of shapewear.

Before you freak out, let me show you what it looks like. These are the foundation garments I wear consistently, I have multiple pair of each so I always have a clean pair when I need them. Hope this is helpful! xx

Smoothing Panties with Casual Look

Here I’m wearing ONE pair of These smoothing panties. I felt confident in this outfit!

Sweater Here | Pants Here  | Shoes Here | Bag Here


Two Pairs of Shapewear in Everyday Look

Here I’m wearing TWO pairs of shapewear. The white pants just showed a lot more of my lady lumps than I was comfortable with, my hip dips were the thing that bothered me the most. I was actually fine with my tummy rolls with one pair of smoothing panties, but when I added the smoothing shorts too is created smooth lines on my hips and that’s why I doubled up with  these smoothing shorts  . It’s the same with body con dresses. If I start to see the “cutting” of my smoothing panties on my bum or hips, I’ll throw on a second pair of shorts (in the bigger size) to get rid of those lines that annoy me and I end up with a flawless smooth look. Like here:

White pants available here

Strapless Bra Cocktail Look

Now lets talk strapless bras…

Again, for me the key has been to size DOWN. I always get my back size and size down in the cup. Example: instead of a 40DD, I get a 40D. I find that this keeps the bra in place and prevents a gap in the top of the bra cup.

In this photo I’m wearing two pair of shapewear and this strapless bra 

Dress is an old Jonathan Simkhai design. 

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