How to Wear Plaid | 5 Chic Fall Essentials

Plaid has always made me feel stylish. From grunge era flannel shirts to iconic school uniforms, plaid never goes out of style so I consider it a classic print. I’m confident that if I see a photo of myself in plaid from any era, I’ll still consider it a cute look. 

Vince Camuto Plus Size Skirt |  Pink Plus Size Turtle NeckGucci BeltPeep Toe Booties

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Did you grow up shopping at Nordstrom? We didn’t have a Nordstrom in Fresno, CA where I grew up. When I moved to New York City, there wasn’t a Nordstrom here either, so Nordstrom is a new store for me. Nordstrom has quickly become the place I go to for shoes.

Like Cher in my favorite movie, Clueless I’m 5’10 like Cindy Crawford. I like being tall, it’s helpful for modeling and pulling cereal down off the top shelf for old ladies in the super market.

The only drawback of being tall is that I have big feet! It’s taken me some time to pull my shoe game together and Nordstrom has been a go-to store for me in that process. I’ve pulled together Womens Shoes in size 9-14+ click here to see what’s available.

In today’s post I’ve created an assortment of plaid pieces (and cute shoes!) from that you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall. Click the arrows to see each piece!

A Plaid Skirt

I’m really pleased with the color scheme of this plus size skirt by Vince Camuto. I decided to play up the tiny magenta stripes in the skirt with a magenta turtleneck. Magenta and Burgundy is one of my favorite color combos in fall because it feels unexpected and fresh. I did get the neck of the turtleneck tailored so that it would fit snugly around my neck instead of loose. The full outfit links are below:

Vince Camuto Plus Size Skirt |  Pink Plus Size Turtle NeckGucci BeltPeep Toe Booties


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