Five Beauty Products I Love: October Empties

Do you ever notice that you have random jars of unused beauty products around your bathroom?

If a jar is sitting in my bathroom for months and I’ve only used it once or twice, chances are I didn’t love it but I feel bad about being wasteful so it just sits on my shelves.

I recently realized that a great way for me to figure out which products I truly love is to look at the containers that are empty!

This month I’m sharing five products that I’ve used all the way to the end. I also made a video review on my instagram – you can watch that video here!

Body Hero | Tatine Candle | MAC Lip Glass | Origins | St. Ives

  1. Glossier Body Hero – This is a really great body lotion. It gives me a nice glow, without looking glittery, it smells feminine and fresh, I also love that it keeps my skin soft and moisturized. I got this lotion as a gift when I was in Paris with Nike, I used it all summer and I’ll be purchasing it for fall. I use this lotion on any part of my body that’s exposed (arms, legs, delcotage, shoulders) to give me an effortless glow. Click here to order it
  2. Tatine Rose Candle – I keep fresh roses in my apartment and I love the romantic smell of rose. This candle is small, but mighty! I don’t have to burn it for very long before my whole apartment is filled with a warm loving scent of wild rose. Click here to order
  3. MAC Lip Glass in Low Cut – I have been looking for a perfect nude gloss for me and I finally found one at MAC. This lip glass color is relatively new, but I hope they keep it in production because it’s a dream color for my complexion. I find that a nice brown gloss gives me a more elevated natural makeup look. I used up my first tube and bought two more! Click here to order
  4. Checks and Balances Face Wash by Origins – I started using this face wash at night, but I found that I preferred the frothy cleanser gives me squeaky clean skin that is perfect for the morning before I do my makeup, so I put it in my shower as my AM face wash. I don’t need a lot of this face wash to get the job done, so it lasts a long time.  Click here to order
  5. St Ives Apricot Scrub – I massage my vulva and under arms with apricot scrub 2-3 times per week to prevent ingrown hairs. I never use this product on my face, because it’s too harsh for my skin there. Click Here to order
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