How to Throw a Last Minute BBQ (in 1 Hour or Less!)

July 3 2019 | CeCe Olisa

With the holiday weekend approaching, I thought I’d tell you about my new obsession.

I love playing hostess, but right now I’m too busy to cook and bake from scratch like I want to. So, lately I’ve been playing “fauxstess” a faux hostess!

Listen, I am having so much fun figuring out my best fauxstess moves! It helps me save time and focus on what’s important, time spent together with the people I love.

As co-founder of theCURVYcon, my dreams are coming true, which also means that my work life is a lot more demanding than it used to be. This is a beautiful thing, but I don’t get to spend as much time just hanging out as I used to. I’m noticing that people in my life are much more appreciative of time spent together, than they are a perfect meal made from scratch. So, I do the best I can and give myself grace so that I “don’t make perfect the enemy of good” -Voltaire

Here’s How to Throw a BBQ in 1 hour or less:

If you use my approach, you’ll be ready to have a nice little BBQ that’s homemade-ish but still yummy.

My new favorite thing is grilling outside alone and spending the afternoon in the sun, reading and making the perfect burger. I’ve done this 1 hour BBQ process for myself alone and for groups, I just buy the amount I think I need for the people who are coming. There is always enough food.

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Note: You won’t see bread in this post because it’s bad for my PCOS so I avoid it. If you need buns, add that to your list!

What I did for Meat:

I went to Whole Foods because I love their fresh fish section. They have some delicious pre seasoned salmon that I enjoy a few nights per week.

For the last minute BBQ I got preseasoned burger patties! I got Bacon Ranch, soooo I was in heaven!

What I did for veggies:

I grabbed whole peppers, eggplant, red onion and avocado from the produce section.

I got sautéed green beans in the cooked deli section

What I did for sides:

I got a freshly made potato salad from the deli section.

I got Mac and cheese from the hot plate sections. It wasn’t pretty, but I took a little extra crusty cheese off the top (is that selfish?)

Then I grabbed some chips and dip

What I did for drinks:

I made a fauxstess lemonade by mixing one bottle of simply lemonade with a third bottle of Pom juice (blueberry I think)

I sliced up fresh lemons (if you saw my kitchen tour you already know why I had them!)

I added fresh blackberries

I added mint

I covered it and let it chill in my fridge

I had bourbon (my preferred drink) and vodka in my house already from another party.

I made the fauxstess lemonade because it goes well with bourbon and vodka so my guests could choose. If you need to save time, order your liquor on amazon prime now or postmates.

I had some leftover birthday cake so we had that for dessert… my supermarket trip took 40 mins total and the burgers were on the grill as soon as I got home. That’s how I did a Fauxstess BBQ in less than an hour. Would you try any of these fauxstess moves?

Easy Peasy!

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