How to Decorate a Small Apartment (on a Budget!) | Kitchen Tour

Consistant Gratitude

If you watched my “How to Build Self Confidence” Tedx Talk, you know that I started this blog because I was very insecure about myself.

Over the last ten years, with your support I’ve been able to overhaul my self confidence and build the life I imagined.

I decided that my fridge would be a space of gratitude for my fan-friends who follow me on instagram. You guys have been with me for a long time and sometimes you mail me presents, art, postcards and magnets from around the world.

I decided that I wanted them in a place where I’d see them every day, so we now have the official fan fam fridge! The NSYNC magnets are mine, obvi.

Thank you for supporting me and believing in my dreams… with your support I’ve been able to serve plus size women for ten years… thank you!

Which room in my apartment would you like to see next?

4 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Small Apartment (on a Budget!) | Kitchen Tour”

  1. Hi Cece,
    I admire your transparency. Your apartment is beautiful and reflects you. I would love to see what you have done with your bathroom.

  2. The apartment is coming along nicely. Ohh I’d love to see the bedroom next. Congrats on getting your own space. Enjoy this time in your life!

  3. I love the lemon greenhouse! I actually recently got a small tattoo of a lemon on my arm. Mostly, because I like lemons. But also, life has unfortunately handed me some big “lemons” lately, and I like the reminder that it is up to me to determine how I react/recover/let them impact my overall life (whether I “make lemonade”). Even if you haven’t had “lemons” lately, I think it’s a good message!
    Anyway, keep the budget tips coming!

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