I Use These Products For Healthy Sisterlocks

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Head & Shoulders Scalp Treatment

I have eczema on my scalp which can make it hard to go very long without washing. But sometimes when I get my hair styled with beautiful curls, I want them to last a few extra days. In order to go longer between washes, I treat my scalp with Head and Shoulders Scalp Soother Treatment Spray. It keeps my scalp from getting unbearably itchy and flaky so that my styles can last a little longer and my hair/scalp stays healthy.

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5 thoughts on “I Use These Products For Healthy Sisterlocks”

  1. Rona loveandloc

    Thanks cece for sharing been following you since you started your sisterloc. I have sisterloc too for five years and loving it. Keep up the good work you do,and wishing you all the best you

  2. Hey there what are using to keep your hair fresh smelling
    I workout a lot and I sweat ALOT and I hate when I can smell the sweat wafting.

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