I Use These Products For Healthy Sisterlocks

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Magic Root Cover Up

My scalp has a spot with no pigment, which means it’s completely white. The hair that grows in that spot doesn’t have pigment either, which means I’ve had grew hair since childhood. As my sisterlocks get longer, the patch of pigment free hair (okay let’s just call them my greys, whatever)  are showing more in that spot now that my sisterlocks are longer.

I plan on dying my hair eventually (more on that in a future post), but until then I just spray my grey strands with Magic Root Cover Up, which is in essence a concealer for greys. It fades out after a few days and washes out in the shower, but it’s exactly what I need when I want my hair to all be the same color.

Do you plan on dying your sisterlocks? Do you care about going grey?

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5 thoughts on “I Use These Products For Healthy Sisterlocks”

  1. Rona loveandloc

    Thanks cece for sharing been following you since you started your sisterloc. I have sisterloc too for five years and loving it. Keep up the good work you do,and wishing you all the best you

  2. Hey there what are using to keep your hair fresh smelling
    I workout a lot and I sweat ALOT and I hate when I can smell the sweat wafting.

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