These Apps Will Replace Your Boyfriend

I love having a boyfriend.

When I don’t have a boyfriend, it’s not the end of the world… until I need certain things done.

If you watch my instagram stories, you may remember a night when I had a bunch of furniture to put together and I was suddenly like “wait… shouldn’t I have a boyfriend to do these things for me??” we all laughed.

That was the night that I began looking at the apps that I use regularly to step in for a boyfriend while I’m single.

Before you try to empower me as a woman, one of the BIGGEST lessons I’ve learned as a girl boss is to not spend time on things I’m not good at.

For example, I’m terrible at putting furniture together, so instead of spending hours on a project that doesn’t play to my strengths, I choose to outsource a furniture assembly project to a boyfriend, so he can do that while I sit curled up on my couch with my laptop working on the dreams, visions, ideas that are more suited to my strengths– does that make sense?

CeCe Olisa Apps to Replace Your Boyfriend

And, to those of you who might say, “just find a guy to do it, even if he’s not boyfriend material!” I’ll be honest and say, I’d much rather use apps to get certain things in my life accomplished than have a dusty foot fool in my apartment thinking that after he screws together my furniture, he’s going to screw– never mind.

Just know, I’m using apps when needed as I navigate finding a life partner. Here are the apps I use and how I use them:

Task Rabbit Put My Furniture Together:


You can hire a task rabbit for anything from mounting a TV to housekeeping to picking up laundry. When I needed help moving, my old apartment cleaned out, when I needed furniture assembled, I used task rabbit.

Some people on task rabbit have vans and cars if you need things moved from one When I need help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work, I use task rabbit. Get $10 off your first task by using this link

Postmates Brought me Tampons (and makeup from Sephora)


There was this awful night last year when I came down with a cold and started my period at the same time. My misery turned to despair when I realized I didn’t have any medicine and I only had one tampon left. If I had a boyfriend at the time, I’d have sent him to the drug store with a list of things to purchase… instead I used the postmates app.

Postmates is cool because they can basically deliver anything from anywhere (I’ve even had postmates bring me Chipotle!) and my postmates courier grabbed everything I needed from the store– I even called him to ask him to add cough drops at the last second.

Once when I was in LA, I realized that I didn’t have my setting powder, so I called in a postmates order from Sephora and got what I needed in time for my event. It was glorious! Use this link for $25 off on postmates

Uber got me Home Safely


I love using Uber to get home from first dates and late nights instead of letting a guy drive me home. I always check the license plate of my uber and match it to the app so that I know I’m getting into the right car. Then I’m driven home safely and I don’t have to do the whole “no, you can’t come upstairs” song and dance… ya know? I’ve got $5 off your first Uber ride, use my code uberxoCeCe

Hotel Tonight


I was out late a few months ago and I realized I’d forgotten my keys at home for the third time in one week! (not typical behavior, I was stressed about other things and scatterbrained) anyway, it was 2am and I didn’t want to wake my super up and have him let me in (again!) so, I opened up my hotel tonight app and found a cute cheap hotel room for the night a few blocks from where I was. I’ve also used it while planning weekends away. Use my code to get $25 off code: GIFEANYI

Uber Eats Got me Food!


For me, one of the best perks of having a boyfriend is having someone to go get you food (don’t judge me, lol) I use uber eats to order food at any time of day… Hungry? Get $5 off your first order on #Uber Eats with my code: eats-uberxocece.

I’ll be adding more apps to this list… stay tuned!

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