Storytime: My Dream of Dancing with Ellen DeGeneres

When the Ellen DeGeneres talk show launched in 2003, I was OBSESSED. I remember sitting at lunch with my best friend and her mom and saying casually, “I really want to dance with Ellen one day…” My best friend’s mom sat her fork down calmly, took a deep breath, looked at me with puzzled but loving eyes and said “You want to dance with Ellen, like… a slow dance?”

Clearly her mom hadn’t watched the show yet and had no idea that dancing was a big part of it. She thought I was coming out as a lesbian! My best friend and I started to giggle uncontrollably.

Once we explained everything we were all laughing hysterically.

That’s the cool thing about Ellen, she’s always brought love and laughter into my life.

I haven’t danced with Ellen (yet!) but, this weekend I danced “in” Ellen– because Ellen is bringing to her fashion line — EV1 — to Walmart!

If you like cute, casual, affordable looks, EV1 new Spring Collection will be perfect for you. EV1 features an assortment of denim, tees, leggings hoodies, sneakers, and more! Ranging from sizes xs to 3x, there is something for everyone to love.

This Spring, I’m all about color — mixing and matching patterns and colors that you may not think go together at first. I’m itching for winter to be over, so I went on a little pre-spring adventure in Brooklyn to ride the carousel in DUMBO, rocking a few pieces from EV1‘s Spring Collection exclusive at Walmart.

If you want to relax and feel like a kid again, I highly recommend paying $2 and riding a carousel (I actually rode twice!) Want to see my carousel adventure? Use your arrows to take a look…

Camo Jacket: Here | Sweatshirt: Here | Button Down Shirt: Here | Jeans: Here | Sneakers: Here

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