What Should I Wear for my Tedx Talk?

November 14 2018 | CeCe Olisa
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Sweater & Jeans

This is a more casual relaxed look that I’ve done while speaking on tour with LOFT. I liked the cozy feel and I love wearing jeans, so I felt like I didn’t have to fuss with my clothes here. | Help Me Pick My Tedx Talk Outfit

Wrap Sweater: Here | Leopard Kitten Heel Boots: Here | Jeans: Here

This is one of my favorite casual looks, nothing like a warm top and a pair of jeans. I also love how rich the colors are against my skintone. Do you think I should go casual for my Tedx Talk?

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16 responses on “What Should I Wear for my Tedx Talk?

  1. Anissa

    I LOVE that Rachel Roy blazer (so much do I got one after seeing you 😍)-so I may be biased. My suggestion is that blazer, jeans and heels. Dressy/Casual represents your style.

  2. Kris

    I love the all black ensemble, Cece! The skirt is feminine, but the black & leather say strong! Here for all of these, but this one is my favorite! Congrats on this opportunity!

  3. Ada

    I love the casual sweater and jeans in Look #2. Alternatively, the Parisian vibe in Look #7 paired with he leopard heels from #5 would also be a great choice. You will great in whatever you pick.

    All the best!!

  4. Tracy Washington

    Whats the background? What’s the talk on? Both important things to consider before I can decide. I need to know if they match with the outfit. #7 was a no to me because It screamed black panther superbowl Beyonce backup dancer. If the talk is about Beyonce or black panther’s then it would fit. You dont want someone distracted by thinking about a Beyonce performance rather than your important message. You might be saving someone’s life with your Ted talk. Your message is mportant.

  5. Jen

    Ok number 1,2,4,7. I’m so excited for you. I’m
    A huge Ted talk fan. I want to do one it’s a huge dream of mine idk if people would care about my doctorate study subject though lol.

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