How to Find a Gucci Belt in Plus Size

April 22 2018 | CeCe Olisa
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Step Two: Choose Your Style

Next you’ll decide if you want a textured leather or smooth leather (I chose smooth).

You’ll also decide on if you want a large logo on your belt or a small one (I went with a small one at first, then exchanged it for a larger one because I felt like it was better for my larger body).

Lastly you’ll need to decide on a color. Black is the most popular color which means it’s almost always sold out. I waited for three weeks for the Gucci store on 5th avenue to have a black one and it never happened, that’s why I decided to buy my Gucci belt online.

Special Tip: The mens and women’s belts are exactly the same, so if you decide you want a black one and it’s sold out in women’s, I’d click here and look at the mens version.

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12 responses on “How to Find a Gucci Belt in Plus Size

    1. Lashanda

      Matt FYI Gucci does not care if fat people wear their items or not. They are very happy that people are spending almost $500.00 dollars on a belt. Secondly why are you on CECE blog. Idiot BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Debra

    Really, she looks Great! If they don’t want large people to wear the belt why do they make them to fit large people. Matt your a Dog! What’s inside a person is what counts. You have just showed what’s inside you.

  2. Andrew

    Just to help you look less unintelligent in the future, it’s “you’re a dog”. But you are correct Debra, it is what’s on the inside that counts. But that doesn’t change the fact that high fashion accessories, such as Gucci belts, are not intended for those that have too much fat on the inside.

    1. Red

      Hey Andrew!
      Question to ask you…
      Just on the inside fat ,right?
      Not the outside fat?
      Good to know the difference.

      Also to Matt….
      Did the CEO of Gucci tell you that?
      If you know him tell him to hook CeCe up!

      Thanks, smooches and bless your heart.

      1. Andrew

        I was meary responding to the comment made that what’s on the inside is what counts. I never used the word “just”, insinuating that fat can be anywhere but inside. But your failed attempt to outwit has been noted. You might want to consider leaving logical arguments to those that think logically.

  3. tanya

    Trolls came out quickly- meanwhile..CeCe can afford a Gucci belt! Do you homegirl. Be snatched! As you say- don’t wait on your weight to live your best life! If the belt fits, wear it!

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