Vanity Tour: My Makeup Storage & Organization

March 7 2018 | CeCe Olisa

When I quit my day job and started working from home as a full time blogger, I quickly realized something: my apartment was set up terribly!

I was doing my makeup standing over a tall dresser with a tiny mirror. I was working for hours curled up on the couch with my computer in my lap.

None of this was comfortable.

So, I decided to look at a solution that would help me to organize my makeup collection, have a place to primp (and film beauty videos) and a desk that I could use during the day to get work done.

My solution was a vanity/desk.

One of the things that’s made a huge difference for me is how I organize my vanity and store my makeup. I’m a girly girl so I have a large treasure trove of lotions, potions and products. Today I’m going to give you a tour of my vanity and makeup collection. You’ll also see how I use this same space during working hours.

Come take a peek inside my vanity and makeup collection… I wonder, what products do we have in common?

I hired a professional organizer named Juliette Von Hess and worked with her to make my space more functional, comfortable and organized. Juliette is a beautiful human being and working with her is a dream. She’s based in NYC and she travels around the country organizing and doing interior design, so no matter where you live she can work with you. Follow her on instagram and tell her I sent you.

How I Built My Vanity

My vanity is made up of four pieces

  1. The legs are two stand alone drawers from Ikea
  2. The mirror is from Impressions Vanity, you can set it on top of any desk
  3. The desk is also from Impressions

How I Organize My Makeup

Some of the key pieces Juliette ordered for me are clear acrylic storage pieces. My favorites are

  1. This 6 Piece Drawer Organizer, perfect for long brushes and round compacts
  2. These Simple Brush Holders for on top of my desk

Where Did I Get My Vanity Chair

My vanity doubles as my desk, we decided to get this chair from anthropologie. I love the color, the texture and when I have company over, I can pull it into my living room as an arm chair.

Now that I have my desk/vanity together I love sitting down to do my makeup in the morning and I love spending hours working on my blog and business. My apartment feels better as a home and as a home office. Let me know what you think!

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