5 Reasons You Should Try the YMCA

March 20 2017 | CeCe Olisa
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3.) Diversity + Positivity

One of the things I like about the YMCA is that everyone is there, from babies to grandparents and everyone in between. For me that creates a beautiful vibe of diversity and positivity. I feel super comfortable in the locker room (remember my journey with that locker room confidence? augh!), I don’t feel judged by anyone and it’s not a competition in classes. People show up to have fun and get fit… it’s exactly what a gym should be! Also, there’s nothing more inspiring than lifting weights next to an 80 year old (just saying!)

YMCA Dance Classes

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4 responses on “5 Reasons You Should Try the YMCA

  1. Cheryl Smith

    Miss CeCe,
    I beat you to this one… Ive been a Y member for over a year now. I love it…. They have the machines I love to use, a variety of activities and the gorgeous men getting their fit on, OMG!!!! Its like a smorgasbord of visual energy….. I find myself having to re-focus. Often!
    But, I love it and would recommend it to anyone. This coming from a girl who considered exercise something you put on the ‘things you have to do but absolutely do not want to’ list.

  2. Christine

    I joined my local Y this year…mostly because it is close to my apartment and, hello, an indoor AND outdoor pool! It was also affordable (though honestly is higher than one would expect for a Y) and I love how laid back it is. It’s a lot of older people and people who are just there to keep healthy and exercise, not be the buffest person on the block. Now, maybe I should actually GO more!!!!

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