How to Get Healthy & Stay Motivated | Free Online Class

Hey Girls!

Do you have plans on Friday? I’m doing something fun for you girls and I’d hate for you to miss it!

My email is flooded with questions about getting (and maintaining) Healthy Curves. So instead of me trying to help you each one by one, I’m teaming up with our #PSPfit Nutrition Coach, Abra Pappa for a free online class called “How to Get Healthy & Stay Motivated“.

If you have questions about getting healthy or if you’re looking for some education and advice on nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated this is the class for you…

How to Get Healthy and Stay Motivated

This is an online class, which means you can join us from your computer no matter where you live,  yes my international girls can join in too– we have a special phone line just for you 😉

Soooo… are you coming? Space is limited so enter your info below and register today!

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