Plus Size Workout Video: “Body Party” Leg Workout

May 20 2015 | CeCe Olisa

Usually my plus size workout videos are mostly cardio, but this time I decided to make something different for you. I always blush when you girls compliment my legs. My grandmother was known for her legs, so I’ll give props to genetics, but I maintain what my granny gave me with my #PSPfit workouts. I love a good leg workout, so I made a one song workout for us that’s all legs!

I do these moves on the subway, in line at the grocery store, while I’m washing dishes… whenever!

If you like this workout and want to use it, I’ll send you a free version that you can download and add to your workout video collections. Get it below…

Leggings: Here | Top: Here | Sports Bra: Here | Sneakers: Here | Wireless Headphones: Here

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