How to Do a Push Up: Four Modifications!

October 6 2014 | CeCe Olisa

Doing push-ups in 6th grade P.E. is still one of the more awkward memories of my childhood and I’ve basically been avoiding doing them ever since.

I always thought that my arms weren’t strong enough to push my body weight up and down, but our #PSPfit trainer, Robbie-Ann Darby is setting the record straight. Turns out that Push-Ups are a FULL BODY workout and a CORE workout so when I engage my entire body, instead of just using my arms… push-ups are totally doable!

Here’s Robbie, explaining a few push-up options for plus size girls so we can add this to our workout routine!

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1.) If you’re new to push ups, start developing your form by doing them on the wall! Be sure to engage your muscles using Robbies tips in the video and you will definitely feel it

2.) Kitchen Countert ops, Park Benches, Workout benches at the gym… all of these can assist you in taking your push-up to the next level without going to the ground just yet. Again, this is a full body workout so engage that core!

3.) “Girly” push ups aren’t for the weak! As Robbie says in our video, be sure to get into that solid plank position with your hips low to the ground.  When I really want to amp up this workout I lower myself slowwwwly to the ground, which makes it hard for me to cheat

4.) Push-ups are just planks that move! Its as simple as that… My planks are always stronger when I take a wide stance with my feet, it gives me a more solid foundation

And there is your plus size guide to doing push-ups at any size. You can join the #PSPfit Pre-Holiday bootcamp from any city by clicking here!

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