#PSPfit $21 January Jump Start: You Can Join From Any City! (FAQ’s)

Its official, your girl definitely got a little “puffy” over the holidays (definitely not good for my PCOS) so, I’m ready to bounce back.

The #PSPfit January Jumpstart we’ve planned is getting me back to the basics and based on the emails I’ve been getting I wont be doing this alone… I’m stoked!

The January Jumpstart is 21 days for $21 dollars in order to let everyone “dip their toe in the water” and see what #PSPfit is all about. A full on #PSPfit boot camp is no joke, so we want to make sure everyone has a good foundation as we go hard in 2014.

Lots of questions have been coming in about the #PSPfit January Jump Start. Below are the top three questions I’ve been answering via email (including a program breakdown). As usual leave a comment below or email me if you have more questions… Registration opens via email on 1/1/14 and ends on 1/11/14. Pre-Register by entering your email here.

1.) I don’t live in NYC, can I still join #PSPfit? YES MA’AM! 90% of #PSPfit happens via email, conference calls and our invitation only facebook group (moderated by our nutrition coach and myself). You don’t have to live in NYC to do #PSPfit and this round is going to be 100% virtual. We’ve got #PSPfit Boot Camp Babes all over the US, London, Canada, The Phillipines, Australia… etc. so join the bunch, no girl is excluded!

***side note, Want to meet curvy ladies who outside of NYC ? Save the date 1/11/14 #PSPfit will have meet ups be in 10 cities***

2.) What will I get? I’m going to let Abra answer this one… she built this for us, so she can break it down better than me, she says:

21 Day Mindful Clean and Green Whole Food Cleanse

 The Big Why:
You are sick and tired of being sick and tired (literally)
You are ready to bust through your limiting beliefs that you “can’t stick to it”
Diets don’t work. Mindful eating of real food does
A goal without a plan is nothing more than a passing thought
What you get:
21 days of CLEAN and GREEN meal plans, mindful eating strategies, recipes, daily inspirational emails, and more… 
What you give:
Your full commitment to be present, open, and ready
*During this cleanse we will be eliminating high allergen foods including dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, and corn
*This is a mild food focused cleanse, meaning there are no additional shakes, bars, or supplements. You will not be starving or surviving solely on juices or shakes. 
*We will be introducing high nutrient foods into the diet to support the detoxification pathways within your body.
*This is a group cleanse with general guidelines, if you have specific concerns or unique dietary limitations we recommend you book a private consultation with Abra (please note during this group we will not be able to address individual concerns)

3.) I have PCOS, will I be the only one? Nope! I have PCOS and I ask that Abra create meal plans that are supportive to our endocrine issues (even if you don’t have PCOS, eating as if you do will only help you on your journey to health)

Are you down?

Pre-Register at www.pspfit.com!

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