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July 1 2013 | CeCe Olisa

There is so much about being a Plus Size Princess that people don’t consider. We always have to think ahead to make sure we’ll be comfortable especially in situations where there are garments provided. When I walked into La Vie Zen spa and saw that they carried robes in sizes all the way up to 4X, my heart soared! I have never been to a spa that didn’t require me to bring my own coverups. This thoughtful touch is just an example of the style of service that La Vie Zen spa provides.


June 26th was my birthday and I spent a lovely afternoon at La Vie Zen. After slipping into my comfy robe, sipping on tea and munching on walnuts and cranberries I started my day with a body wrap and water massage (as a cancer, I love all things water related) I chose the following treatments:

La Vie Zen Signature Body Wrap and Massage & Vichy Shower

A light relaxing massage, followed by exfoliation using a blend of our rich body scrubs filled with aromatic oils of your choice.  A full-body treatment masque is enhanced by a luscious thermal wrap to allow for deeper penetration of nutrients.  I also added the state-of-the-art Cascade Vichy Shower.  Five shower heads create a warm, rainlike therapeutic water massage in one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa experiences available.


Mariana did my body wrap and while it may sound a little daunting to have someone scrub you from head to toe, she was awesome and made me feel super comfortable. She also took her time to make sure she’d rinsed the scrub from between all of my “nooks and crannies” which I don’t take for granted! I met up with Robert later that night and he said my skin felt super soft, so thank Mariana!

After my scrub, Mariana walked me to another room, gave me some tea and prepped me for my facial, again the strapless robe provided in the facial was very roomy. I’m pretty sure they lay out the proper size for each individual client which makes a girl feel super comfortable!

Express Facial

Beautiful skin in a flash.  This thorough treatment replenishes the skin’s brightness with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, treatment mask and moisturizing cream, as well as a revitalizing neck and shoulder massage. This mini-facial restores the natural radiance of your face, with no recovery time.


The facial left my skin glowing… and doing it after the body treatment had me feeling so relaxed. Sometimes, laying flat on my back  causes my lower back area to feel strained. I mentioned that to Mariana and she pulled out a long half-moon shaped tube that we slid under my legs, this got me into the perfect position to enjoy my facial, I’m pretty sure I fell asleep for part of it. That’s how great it was.

Lastly, I got a wax (pain after all that pleasure? I know…) Delia gave me an option of hard wax and/or the traditional strips. A lot of salons only have one, which can be frustrating. We ended up using a combination, which I liked and I’ll be going back to her in 6 weeks. To get my tips on waxing as a Plus Size Princess, click here.

Spending my birthday with La Vie Zen was perfect and the fact that they’re size inclusive makes them the perfect spa for someone like me.

Interested in checking out La Vie Zen Spa? They’re offering 20% off for first time clients, so visit their website and see what treatments speak to you:

Twitter: @LVZNYC

Facebook: La Vie Zen

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