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CeCe’s at #BlogHer13 Healthminder Day! (Oh, Hai Chicago!)

July 25 2013 | CeCe Olisa

Why didn’t you guys tell me that Chicago is such a magical place? I flew in last night and the city was sparkling. This morning I woke up, got a workout in and took in the waterfront. If you’re in Chicago, you have to come meet me for a drink on Friday to toast this fabulous city, info can be found here.

I have to thank everyone who has purchased items from my store. Your purchases are putting spending money in my pocket helping to make this trip possible! (Some of your dresses will ship today, the rest will ship Monday) Ladies, I highly suggest that you start an AbbeyPost account if you want to put some extra coins in your purse. Add me as a friend too, my store can be found here.

My first speaking engagement is this afternoon, I’m speaking on a Panel called “Weight vs. Health” with Erika from Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss, Jennipher from Fit Bottomed Girls and Diane, aka MoMo from the BlogHer social media management team.

Weight & Health: These words are not synonymous, and sometimes not even correlated. Conflicting studies have muddied the waters. Societal standards seem ever more divergent from societal norms. And on the Internet, no one can see if you’re healthy-but-overweight, or skinny-but-saggy. Bottom line: There is more to a person’s health than what meets the eye, so let’s talk about it.

The women on this panel are bloggers who I follow and look up to. I still can’t believe that I was asked to speak with them… I’m nervous but looking forward to talking and sharing my story and hearing theirs. Wish Me luck!


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