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May 22 2013 | CeCe Olisa

A few days ago, I attended a dinner to celebrate the launch of GabiFresh’s Fatkini Line for, these gorgeous, high waist two pieces are designed to make a Plus Size Princess feel confident to show off her curves and the suits come in a variety of colors and prints, so much fun!


To be honest, I’m not quite ready to rock a fatkini, but I’ve been scanning through the plus size bathing suit options on the site and lots of options that I love including some great suits for when I swim laps.


The AquaBell Chlorine Resistant line, has a few great plus size crossback swimsuit that I ordered in black. This swimsuit is AWESOME for my pool workouts, because it has a crossback that supports “The Twins” and its made from fabric designed to hold up against the harsh chemicals in pool water, so it will last longer.

Because we’re in the middle of #PSPfit bootcamp, I want to giveaway some swimsuits from the AquaBelle collection so that maybe some of you will take up swimming this summer too. These suits go from size 8-34, so there’s something for everyone!

I’ve got five suits to give away, want to win? Check out the info below!

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7 responses on “Plus Size Bikinis & Swimsuits

  1. MilaXX

    if you are looking for a suit for pool work out, I recommend any of the kirinkle kut material suits.The fabric is more durable, they always have built in support & are much more chlorine resistant that any of the suits that claim to be chlorine resistant

    1. swimsuitsforall

      We agree! The Krinkle cut suits are definitely durable and the ruching throughout the suit hides a myriad of sins. They are also very supportive.

  2. Rachel LeAnn

    I just found your blog in an effort to beat the evil “Chub Rub” and I love it!!! I’m super excited about GabiFresh’s swimsuit line.

  3. HP

    I love GabiFresh’s blog, and this is wonderful news for her, but I’m sorry, I just don’t “get” fatkinis. One I absolutely loathe the term and two, why not just wear a real bikini? It just seems like an effort in trying not to care how you are perceived by others but still covering up anyway. Nothing is being accomplished in my opinion. I got a cute separate tankini set from Target last year. They were full, hipster bottoms and the top was a halter. It looked really cute, it actually hid my problem area without feeling like I was sucked in like crazy. I don’t have the best legs but at the same time I know I’m plus size and so does everyone else, so who cares? They hung out, no swim skirts or board shorts for me.

    I guess that’s my point, if you want to wear a bikini, then wear one. If you want to cover up, then cover up. Either way your actual size is a mystery to no one so at least make a clear decision.

    Sorry for the mini-rant.

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