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+Size Picture Tricks & #PSPfit Updates

March 25 2013 | CeCe Olisa

Sooo… can we talk about taking pictures as a Plus Size Princess for a second?

I know a lot of us shy away from the camera, I was never like that (can’t you tell? lol) But there was a time when I would only take “selfies” at an upward angle, from my boobs up, nothing lower. Even when I took photos with friends, I’d have them huddle up around me and I’d get that camera tilted *just* right. That angle made my face look slimmer, showcased The Twins and hid the rest of my body. Do any of you PSPs find yourselves using that angle as a go-to? I had to force myself to stop because I knew it was my way of “hiding” my body online.

Overtime I’ve realized that I am more than just big boobs and a face. I have feet, legs and a tummy and my pictures should reflect that! So I embrace full length photos 100% (I wont lie, I still prefer my photos to be taken from a higher/slimming angle– Robert has become a pro at this!)

On Saturday night I was hired to sing at a wedding. Being paid to sing love songs is my dream job, so it was a nice gig even if it only lasted one night. After the wedding, I took pictures with the other musicians/singers and as I scrolled through them on my phone, I was like Whoa! What happened to my body??

Looks like I stumbled across a new +size picture trick: Standing in the middle of two people creates the most perfect hourglass shape… who knew??


Tall Girl Sandwich  = Instant Hips & Defined Waist!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, shape is a lot more important to me than size. I’d be okay with my current size if I were more toned, especially in my tummy area. Seeing this photo was good #PSPfit inspiration for me to keep doing those crunches and eating the foods that my nutritionist says will maximize my workouts.

Speaking of the Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge (#PSPfit), I have some updates for us….

Since I began investing in a nutritionist and hitting the gym more frequently, I’ve been seeing some great numbers on the scale. The other day I realized, I always do better with my weight loss goals when I have help… but help can be expensive.

Because I’m a single girl living on my own in NYC, I have the time/resources to invest in things that make my weight loss/health/fitness goals easier and I’ve been seeing the results. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to find ways to make high quality professional fitness and nutrition guidance accessible for all of us and I think I’ve found some ways to do it:

-This weekend I’m going to film some workout sessions for us with my trainer, Anthony Truly. I’ll post the videos to my YouTube channel so that we can all workout whenever/wherever we want. For those of you who can’t afford a gym or classes, this is my way of bringing those things to you

-My Nutritionist, Abra Pappa is helping me start a #PSPfit pinterest page, which is live now. We are sifting through and finding the best recipes for Clean Eating and PCOS

-We’re going to take the 6 weeks before Memorial Day to do a #PSPfit Pre-Summer Bootcamp (April 15th – May 27th, mark your calendars :-)). Registration will begin this weekend and the first 10 people to register will get a very sweet prize. Be the first to find out when the bootcamp list opens up by entering your email here

Because I’m hiring professionals to help us on our #PSPfit journey, I’d like to get us more organized so that if any #PSPfit girls have a private question about nutrition or fitness, you can ask and get the answers you need asap. There are two ways you can help make that happen:

1.) Register your email, so you know how to reach us and get an early heads up on giveaways and events

2.) Grab a #PSPfit Tshirt, Your donation will help us keep things running smoothly (We’ve got two styles, one goes up to a size 6x!)


I’m hoping we can all rally and support each other so that we can join in on summer activities and feel strong, or take pictures without worrying about tilting the camera to specific angles… and maybe my hips will begin to show themselves a little more too without any +size pic tricks!


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6 responses on “+Size Picture Tricks & #PSPfit Updates

  1. JayFay

    I’ve noticed over the past several years that every spring/summer/early fall I’ll drop about 30 lbs just from being naturally more active (and sweating buckets) during the hot months, and I’ll put it all right back on when the temperatures drop — because I love nothing more than to curl up by the fireplace with something delicious during the winter. Kudos to you for doing the hard work even when it’s cold outside. And lucky you for being able to afford a trainer and a nutritionist! Seeing your progress is motivation to get my arse in gear — especially since I have a birthday coming up and insist on looking smokin’ hot! Ha 🙂

      1. JayFay

        It’s crazy AND annoying! I always close out October/November feeling great and thinking I can sustain whatever progress I’ve made — and then the holiday parties start… And it’s alllll downhill from there.

        I suppose I need to work on discipline… 🙂

  2. anaem3

    I am all about the upward angle ! I always “coach” others when I’m about to be in a picture lol I love how you really are trying to help us psp girls . This bootcamp sounds like fun !

    1. thebiggirlblog

      LOL I coach people too… I hope we can all do the bootcamp together, #PSPfit is the best support system I’ve ever had 😉

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