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December 27 2012 | CeCe Olisa

Happiness Film On GaiamTV

2013 is just around the corner, which means its time for us all to reevaluate our lives, where we are and where we’re going.

Gaiam has released a video that sparks the question “What makes you happy?” For me, I’m finding that my happiness comes from doing the things I love: music, writing and trying to create a fulfilling life for myself. A lot of the things that will make me happy take time to cultivate, as sites like remind us; one thing I can control, is my health.

That post-workout “high” that comes after taking time towards my Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge goals gives instant gratification while helping me achieve the fitness goals that will improve my daily life.

For those of you looking to start the New Year with happiness releasing endorphins, GaiamTV is offering streaming video with over 2,000 titles. Gaiam TV is like Netflix with streaming capabilities on your computer, iPads and smartphone.

Sign up for a GaiamTV free 10-day trial and you’re automatically entered to win a 3-month subscription!

Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year!

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