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I went on a date with a guy last year and in my opinion there was no chemistry. He never called for a second date, but about 3 weeks after we went out I got a text from him. It was a photo of his penis.

My girlfriend Kenzie has a guy who texted her asking for a photo of her “beautiful face” because he missed her. When she sent a normal smiling photo, he responded by sending a photo of himself totally naked.

Sexting just weirds me out… I can understand why people in relationships do it, but why do guys think its okay to send unsolicited “dick-pics” to girls they barely know?

Usually I have a plan for different dating scenarios, but sexting is something I’m still figuring out how to respond to.

If a guy were to flash me in the subway, I’d probably just laugh at him or walk away. Opening my phone to find a photo of a man’s privates is the digital equivalent of flashing but … what’s the proper reaction?

What do YOU do when you get dirty pics from guys you don’t know?

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  1. first of all, men think it’s appropriate because they have an insecurity and need reassurance that their penis is the center of any girls attention. however, sexing is a ok. if you are in a relationship but verbal inuendos are used. not photos. thanks for being so blunt this morning with your post, men need a reality check.
    PS if i wanted a penis that bad i would go get one.

  2. When a guy sends something like that to me, I usually either block the person or politely respond with “I’m no longer interested, since you’re just a dick :)”

  3. Call them out on it.
    Ask them what you wrote here… why do they think this is acceptable? Do they disrespect you to the point where they don’t care? Or do they honestly think showing you a picture of their penis will get you all twitch and tingley to go out with them again…. cos you know you’re missing a good thing. *cough*

    Call them out on it. I would.

  4. Maybe there should be a blog or tumblr out there that collects all of these dick pics that get sent. The dick pick gets posted (along with the guys first name and last initial and town) and then everyone can mock him. This has a second usefulness in that, if you’re just meeting someone, you can try to find if they have sent a dick pick to a girl before by searching “Josh J, NYC.”

  5. If you’re in a relationship, it’s one thing. I don’t like unsolicited crotch shots. I opened one at work once (that was a “wrong number”?!) and I’ve gotten them from guys months after meeting / breaking things off.

    If they think one pic is gonna make me text a booty call type invitation, they’re sorely mistaken. I’m not easily shocked and not a prude, but if I wanted to see your dick, I’d ask. Sending it otherwise seems rude and awfully presumptuous. I always wonder what prompted it.

    I usually tell the guy to stop, with a sarcastic comment and it does, but I worry.

  6. You know what’s wrong with these clowns on the town? They get all their ideas about women from porn and the like. They think because it worked in “Booty Bandits 4” that it will work in reality.

    Also, I think men are often so self-centered that they cannot understand what is a HUGE turn-on for them (pics of lady bits, etc.) is nothing but a gross turn-off for women. And, who knows, maybe there are some members of the fairer sex who respond to this garbage? Or else why would they keep doing it?

    As for me, when some tool sends me close-ups of his underwhelming wang, I hit the delete button. I have no interest in gazing at his (most likely diseased) penile.

  7. guys sext me ALLL the time. i get random pictures from guys, very innaproriate… it’s up to you what you wanna do about it though, sometimes i sext back. never put your face in your pictures, though!!!

  8. In an established relationship if it’s mutually agreed upon, fine. But one date, and no hint of interest then there’s definitely social issues — they need to be told it is not ok.

    I’m married and still get unsolicited penis shots and they get blocked. It’s a horrid fad which I hope will die out soon but have my doubts.

  9. I’d love to say I open it, laugh and then delete.. But it usually makes me think I might be the prude for not wanting to flash my bits and send out to an unknown number for god knows who to see.. It usually takes about 2 days later of me goin over and over again in my head until I remember my reason why. I just respect myself more than that. And then theyre deleted, never to be heard from again. 🙂

  10. I like the idea of the web site. I went on one date with a guy and we were texting a few days later and he asked me if I wanted to see a pic of his kids. I said yes, then once I sufficiently oohed and aahed over them he decided this was the time to show me that unit that made said children. I told him it was too bad he decided to show me the pic first cause now I wasn’t interested.

  11. I never received a picture of a guy’s parts from a guy that I didn’t know or barely knew. The few that I’ve received were from guys I know/used to date/am dating. My boyfriend sometimes sends them to me when we spend a few days apart and I reply with a picture of my boobs or something along that line. It’s a lot of fun.

    But coming from a guy I went on a date with just once? I probably would have been weirded out like you! What the hell was he thinking??

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