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March 7 2011 | CeCe Olisa

It was a Friday night and I was standing in line for the bathroom at the movie theater on 14th street. Usually when I make a mad dash to the ladies room after a movie I’m accompanied by one or two girlfirends, but this time I stood in the bathroom alone.

Robert and I had just seen The Kings Speech (per my request, but he loved it!) and I loved seeing a movie with him. Movies with Robert is becoming one of my favorite things. I love hanging back while he tells the teller “two tickets for ____”. Sitting close to him without having to say anything. Our legs intertwining and glancing over at each other when we make even the smallest noise. Its a simple activiy, but its intimate and relaxing.

I watched the other girls in the bathroom while I washed my hands. There were groups of girls who had seen a movie together, these girls weren’t spending too much time in the mirror and were dressed pretty casually in jeans, with their hair up in ponytails.

Then there were those of us who were in the bathroom alone. I ran my fingers through my hair and adjusted my skirt. The girl next to me applied lip gloss and blotted the “shine” from her face. We all ended our time in the bathroom by giving ourselves a final glance before we walked out to the man that was waiting for us. It was such a predictable performance that I felt a little silly, but I couldn’t help it!

As I walked out of the bathroom, Robert was waiting against the wall with a string of other guys. One by one they peeled off the wall to greet the girl they were waiting for. As the redhead in front of me walked towards her boyfriend, he handed her purse over to her. As I approached Robert, I gave him a small smile and rubbed his arm as we headed towards the escalators.

“Its funny,” he said “all of us guys were waiting against the wall for our dates when you girls came out we all coupled off… like a wedding or something.”

I laughed. Thinking back at the primping wen a weird way, his assessment wasn’t too far off….

It’s funny to me that as much as my experiences with Robert are new and exciting, they’re pretty standard. Something as simple as a movie date is exhilarating to me, but there are at least 20 other girls in the movie theater going through the same thing. Robert and I are just like the thousands of other couples in New York City… and I like that.

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7 responses on “Movie Dates

  1. Toddy

    I think its so great that you and Robert are FINALLY a proper couple and hitting your stride. And you started out with such a friendship! I’m really happy for you. Cheers, T.

  2. Cindy A.

    I went to a concert last night with a group of friends and guy I’ve been dating. After the concert, we went our separate ways, but Daniel asked me if I wanted to grab a bite to eat so I said sure. It was cold and as we walked, he chuckled and put his arm around me. Something so simple can make my heart soar!

    Glad your date was exhilarating!

  3. Chastity

    I have been getting behind in my blog reading. I must say I love your stories. They are written well. Things that I may take for granted,not think, or wont admit thinking about you spell out and are completely honest about. In your honesty your stories (your life) is entertaining and sincere. Loves it!

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