How About We… Date Online & Have Fun!

Happy Valentines Day!

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of online dating and there’s a new site that’s taking a fun approach to meeting people online.

HowAboutWe… is dating site that is all about activites (which I love!) instead of the same old coffee shop or dinner/movie dates, you can link up with someone who wants to have a fun, adventurous, romantic or sexy experience!

I’ve lived in NYC for a few years now, but I’ve never been to the Empire State Building. If I had a first date there, that would be super memorable and different. I also saw someone on suggest grabbing digital cameras and doing photo shoots in Central Park! No matter what city you live in, the possibilities are endless….

Anyway, HowAboutWe is doing a Special 33% OFF promotion just in time for Valentines day (use promo code: VDAYFUN).

4 thoughts on “How About We… Date Online & Have Fun!”

  1. I love the concept of but I just can’t get behind PAID dating websites. Because every time I cave. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’m disappointed. It wasn’t worth it. Maybe in New York where the population is higher…but in Vancouver…EHarmony…sucks……sucks…Plentyoffish…sucks a little less (aka that’s where I end up getting all my dates) and hey…at least it’s free. I’d be tempted to try but for the fact that there Homepage doesn’t even mention you’ll have to pay and for what exactly…aka they’re just one more site that lures you in and that traps you.

    Sorry for the rant…love your blog Cece and can’t wait to hear all about your experiences on HAW 😀

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