Cool Me Down For Christmas

December 10 2010 | CeCe Olisa

I’ve been going through my jewelry box for holiday parties and I’m realizing that I could use some more formal pieces in my collection. My Dad has done a good job of providing me with beautiful diamond and pear classic sets that I like to break out on special occasions. I need to improve my collection of jewelry for when want something colorful that isn’t going to rust over after a week., the Internet’s first online Jewelry store has an amazing pair of blue topaz earrings that I’m thinking about getting and I guess my timing is good because they’re giving away money to their customers. Yup, to celebrate the holidays the company is extending $20 free towards purchases on merchandise throughout the store through the end of the year. Now they would like to offer this exclusive incentive to TBGB readers! Just visit the site and use the coupon code FRNDS at checkout in order to benefit from this Friends & Family gift.   You get $20 to spend on virtually everything in the store + free shipping in time for Christmas. It extends to 12/31/10.

Happy Shopping!

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3 responses on “Cool Me Down For Christmas

  1. heather

    Hi, how does the $20 work? I tried buying earrings with the FRNDS coupon applied but my shopping cart price still said the full price + free shipping. Help! 🙂 (and thanks!)

  2. Becca

    I love Daddy-given-jewelry myself. My Dad buys my Mom, sisters, and I a piece of jewelry every time his team makes the playoffs. But I’m with you, some color, and a few unique pieces you pick out for yourself are a must! : ]


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