Play With My Hair, Touch The Small of My Back… I’m Yours!

August 9 2010 | CeCe Olisa

My buzzer rang at 7:55.

Adrian was five minutes early, but thankfully I was ready. I ran into my room to give myself one last glance in the mirror. We were going to the movies, so I kept it cute/casual: black leggings, a grey cowl-neck tunic, pink heels and a pink clutch. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail and my makeup was pretty neutral. I opened my door and Adrian greeted me with a long hug, “you look pretty” he said, and then he kissed me on the cheek.

Adrian purchased the tickets ahead of time so we didn’t have to wait in line and when I stepped onto the escalators to go the the 4th floor, he stood on the step right behind me. “You smell nice,” he said, brushing his nose against my shoulder. Its so funny how being close to someone for the first time brings a sense of nervousness and excitement. I felt giddy.

Adrian looked at his watch, “we’ve got twenty minutes until the movie starts, are you hungry?”

“Not really,” I replied, which was the truth, I’m not a huge fan of movie food. I noticed people coming out of an outdoor patio area that was eye level with the times square lights. “Do you want to check that out?”

“Sure,” Adrian said, leading me through the doors by the small of my back. I swear, there is something about when a man touches the my lower back… its like, magical or something. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Anyway, walking onto the outdoor deck on a summer night was a pretty straightforward setting for a first kiss, but I wasn’t sure if it would happen.

We stood outside talking about everything and nothing and this is where things get fuzzy. I think Adrian was talking about his plans for grad school when he reached up and ran his fingers through my ponytail. “I like your hair,” he said. He must have read the How to Get CeCe to Fall For You handbook, because playing with my hair is also magical to me.

Between the lower back touching and playing with my hair, I was like putty in Adrian’s hands. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so just smiled, looked him in his eyes… and then he kissed me.

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23 responses on “Play With My Hair, Touch The Small of My Back… I’m Yours!

  1. Jessie Lee of LA

    First off, I am the same way! Whenever a guy touches the small of my back I am done for seriously no joke. I am so happy for you Cece! I am recent fan or follower of yours. I ran across your blog last Wednesday I believe but anyways I am so happy for you! I hope Adrian is nice to you or he will have a number of girls blacklisting him in the dating world. But still I am glad that your guys first kiss seemed so magical.

    –Jessie Lee of LA

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously! You are killing me with all this suspense. What happened on the rest of the date? When is your next date? I can't wait. I hope this one turns out to be the one.

  3. Vera

    Ah, I am also a sucker for the back touching! It always gives me chills (in a GOOD way!)

    I've just discovered your blog today, but I'm already totally hooked on your posts! Hope this little adventure goes well for you, I'm looking forward to reading how it will go from here.
    Seemed like the perfect date!

    Greetings from Brussels x

  4. Punky

    OMG I'm a small of the back lover too! A guy kissed me there once and I got super DUPER chills! And the back of the neck behind my ear…Ahhhhh!

    I still like this one =)

  5. WriterMarie

    I love being touched on the small of my back…and I also feel the same way about when I touch someone else in that same spot. I've tried to figure out why, and the only thing that comes to mind is it's near the backbone, and part of a person's core…closer to the soul. :o)

  6. Knight

    I want the rest of the details. What was he wearing? What did he smell like? Did you touch his hair? Did you skip the movie and make out on the patio all night?

  7. Kemi

    I love when a guy touches my back, neck and shoulders in a nice getting to know you semi-intimate way and taking charge by not being afraid to touch! Le sigh..

  8. kenath

    Hello CeCe I was just browsing the internet,I have hair on the small of my back.When I ran across your site, I really enjoyed your post,and I have a fetish for plus size women. I would love to hear more from you

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