Jessica London: Fashionably Ever After

August 20 2010 | CeCe Olisa
I moved to New York City to make a living with my creative passions, but until that happens, I need health insurance, rent money etc. so I work a 9-5 job as an assistant in the financial district. Three weeks ago, I was up for a promotion at work. A promotion would mean more freedom, challenges, responsibilities and most importantly, more money. So I decided to give it my best shot.

For my first interview I wore my only favorite suit, a bright blue 1950’s inspired blazer with a high rounded collar, a belt on the outside and a black fishtail skirt (very Mad Men). I felt great and I guess I did great too because, I got a second interview! I was excited to be one step closer to a promotion, but a second interview meant a second suit which was annoying because I rarely wear the one suit I have. A quick trip to Macy’s made me even more frustrated… the cute suits were $200+ and I really wasn’t in the mood to spend that kind of money on ONE outfit that I wouldn’t wear again for at least a year.

I had a week to find a suit and luckily during that week, I was invited to hang out in the fashion district with some of the designers from Jessica London.

Because Jessica London is a catalog brand it just wasn’t a line I considered for myself. I can remember flipping through plus size catalogs that my Mom got in the mail when I was a kid and everything seemed so… grown up. As a girl in her twenties, I didn’t feel like Jessica London was for me.

But as I flipped through the Fall 2010 catalog, and looked at their site online, my impression of Jessica London changed, for the better. My eyes fell on a suit in my price range that I thought might work for me. Its called the Bi-Stretch suit and comes in black and grey. It also comes with a skirt or pants. I already had a million black skirts, so I chose the pants. I also selected the white ruffle blouse that they paired with it because I didn’t have a really dressy white top.

When my suit came in, I tried it on and I can honestly say it looked better on my full figure than it did on the smaller model on the website. The way the blazer was cut, long/tapered, was flattering and the ruffles were a flirty touch that didn’t make me feel like I was playing dress up or something. I put on my pearls, open toed heels and walked into my second interview feeling like a fresh and fashionable.

I also found some great fall wardrobe stables like these wide calf boots. I got them in black and the kitten heel is perfect for walking around NYC all day. I also got this khaki trench coat (because I’ve always wanted one)

Anyway, I found out after my interview that the SVP actually made a comment on how well I was dressed. And I found out a few days later that… I got the promotion! (woot! woot!)

Maybe I’m just slow, but its so easy to keep going to the same stores, so I forget about the brands that have been doing plus sizes for like a million years. I’m going to keep stores like Jessica London on my fashion radar because they have some cute, classic pieces that I can see myself rocking this fall.

Do any of you shop the catalog brands?

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11 responses on “Jessica London: Fashionably Ever After

  1. Leslie

    here is the deal.. I do like Jessica London, but I do not think I will purchase shoes from them again. I bought a wider calf boot from them, and it was only like an inch larger than the standard calf boots.

  2. Jeniese

    Congrats CeCe!!! That's so cool! I love Jessica London, they have some really great pieces for everyday dressing, and occasionally some great dresses for special occasions.

  3. ShoeJunkie

    To answer your question, I haven't purchased anything from the catalog brands in a long time but I do skim Newport News and Alloy (don't judge, they have extended sizes and long inseams!)just to keep tabs on them.
    I did want to point out though that finding affordable suits that fit PSPs can often be difficult (especially for those fresh out of school), so I just wanted to suggest Burlington Coat Factory. I find that the location on 23rd St and 6th avenue in Manhattan is the best for cute, modern, well-fitting and affordable suits.

  4. Cheryl

    Congratulations on your promotion. I have bought from Jessica London for years (along with Roaman's) and I've like almost all of my purchases. I love their styles and that they are not frumpy.

  5. Anonymous

    I also shop Jessica London. I've gotten some really great deals from them, particularly on leather jackets. They almost always have a coupon code to get 50% off your highest priced item, or a similar promotion.

  6. Anonymous

    hey cece,

    congrats on the promotion! i just wanted to tell you that i work in the fashion industry here in nyc (which is so hard for a girl who is on the bigger side, especially when you are surrounded by beautiful skinny models all the time).

    anyways the company i work for Lafayette 148 has a great selection of women's sizes and styles, you can find them in saks in the salon z section and we have a website and catalog. i know the price tag on some of the items will shock you (believe me i cannot afford half the stuff we sell sometimes and i work here) and some of the styles are for an older women. But if you search through you can find some great pieces here and there that are great (especially the white blouses, skirts, and knits) and last forever in your closet. The best thing is the twice a year wearhouse/sample sale at our offices though that has a huge women's plus size section (plus sizes at a sample sale, who knew that even could exist! i wind up spending a good portion of my paycheck there). The next one will be coming up in Nov and I believe you can sign up to get notified for it through the website.

    Sorry for the shameless plug, but I am proud at least that the company I do work for in this crazy industry produces clothes for all sizes and shapes that are are stylish, so I just had to share with you.

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