Its Summer & I’m Single

May 26 2010 | CeCe Olisa

Ever since the thermometer rose above 55 degrees I have been annoyed. I like warm weather, I like wearing little dresses and hanging out in the park. What’s annoying me is that when the weather gets warm, all of the couples in New York City decide to come out of hiding.

When the summer comes, suddenly the city is flooded with pairs of people holding hands on the street, cuddling in the subway and dry humping in the park (no, seriously… I’ve seen it and its not cute). I had to wonder where these couples were during the coldest parts of the year. I mean, when I slip on a cute outfit and then cover it up with three layers of clothing just so I can trudge through the snow to meet my friends for a drink, the train is full of small clusters of single people doing the same thing.

Then I realized that couples don’t go out in the winter because they don’t have to! They stay home. Alone. Together.

Maybe that’s why, when they make their warm weather debut, they are beyond excited to rub it in my face show their coupledom to the world. I guess anyone who’s been inside their apartment since November would be a little overzealous to take their love to the streets and in theory I understand that, but as a single girl in New York City, it makes me sick!

The other day I rode the 2 train from 14th to 72nd street sitting across from a couple who was happy just to play with each others fingers and a fit of rage (and maybe jealousy) took over me. I found their simple affection nauseating and unnecessary even though I love love! I’m happy when my friends find someone and when I see people making each other happy. But these first few weeks of warm weather have been brutal for a girl who isn’t in a relationship.

I had to ask myself if it was the couples that were annoying me or the fact that I’m not in a relationship that’s driving me nuts. I have to be honest, I think its the latter. If given the chance, I would probably be one half of an obnoxious summer couple in a heart beat (minus the dry-humping, ’cause that’s just weird). After all, I shave my legs every other day during the summer and it would be nice to know that at some point someone was going to touch them.

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16 responses on “Its Summer & I’m Single

  1. princessvalecia

    It's funny when I'm single or me and my BF are in a rough spot I hate seeing couples all over the place, but when things are good I'm all for a little PDA LOL but honestly it is too hot for that stuff…downright too dang hot!

  2. Punky

    UGH I hated that season in NY too!! It was awful! Not because I was single and jealous, but because I was in a relationship and STEAMING with jealousy! My boyfriend lived in California and I only got to see him every few months IF I was lucky (the last year I was there I only saw him twice!)

    So when I'd get on the train or just leave the house I'd cringe at all the lovey dovey couples!

  3. NikStar

    I get annoyed only because I can't partake in the mushy love fest when I want, but me and my babe are probably one of those people that you all hate. It's not overly mushy, but sometimes we get confused for newly weds lol

    And glad I'm not the only one that takes pics of people on the train lol

  4. 2cute4u

    I've been single for so long that those PDAs don't get to me..
    My tip? Lol.. brush past them rudely or do something equally disturbing..
    I love being mischievous!

  5. Gina

    I see them all over the place too, but always thought they were all single people on lovely, exciting dates/in the throes of new love/passion/whatever. You know, whatever it is you do when you aren't an Old Married Person spending your saturday afternoons at Lowe's or Home Depot (like me). I guess it all depends on your perception. It's too hot to cuddle in summertime, IMO.

  6. Goody

    awww..don't sweat it girlie..

    i am sure you will be back amongst the annoying in love crowd soon..

    me on the other hand..i am just out a 13 yr relationship and the last thing i want to be is bound to another human being..

    for a long time!


  7. MsTrendy

    I thought it was better to be single in the summer. I not single but I thought I was going to be single because of a breakup and was excited about it. I was about to have fun lol.

  8. Hal

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