Do Men Really Love B*tches?

I am a classic flirt. Hair twirling, giggling, eyelash batting… that’s me. But lately, I’ve found myself in the middle of a compare/contrast experiment that has me second guessing the way I interact with men.

There are two guys in my office, Robert and Daniel. Robert needs no introduction. Daniel is a new development. Daniel is nice, tall, kinda cute… but he’s boring! Basically, I’m not interested. When Robert stops by my desk, we talk easily. When Daniel comes by, he obviously wants to talk (and in the beginning I tried, I really did!) But a conversation with Daniel falls flat pretty quickly. I’ll say something and instead of adding his thoughts, he says “I hear ya'” and he doesn’t make actual conversation (i.e. what did you do this weekend?) instead he asks vague questions like “what’s going on?” which I find annoying. A typical conversation with Daniel goes like this:

Daniel: What’s going on?

Me: Nothing much. (My fingers clicking over my keyboard).

Daniel: Cool… Cool. (He leans on my desk). You workin’ hard, or hardly workin’?

Me: *Deep Sigh* Shouldn’t I be asking you that?

Daniel: (laughs) You know I just like to bother you, right?

Me: (fake laugh) Yeah, I know.

Daniel: Alright, I’m going to leave you alone now. (He walks away)

These types of interactions have been going on for a while now, and last Thursday, I was just not in the mood. It was 9:30am, I was busy and instead of my usual fake laugh, I gave Daniel a blank stare and asked (semi-jokingly) “are you still here?” Daniel said something like “Ouch!” before walking away with a chuckle.

Around 11am, Robert came by my desk to tell me something. I happened to let out a small giggle (and maybe I tossed my hair) right as Daniel passed my desk. I felt so guilty for chatting it up with Robert after being such a b*tch to Daniel. I decided that maybe I should apologize to Daniel before the end of the day, but at 1pm Daniel called… and offered to buy me lunch!

Its like, the more I try to shut down the situation with Daniel, the more it gets pushed to the next level.

Is it true what they say… do men really love bitches?

10 thoughts on “Do Men Really Love B*tches?”

  1. Yess!!

    I was talking with my friends recently about this phenomenon. I know 3 women that were married to really great guys (they type you could bring home to mama and they were genuinely nice and in love with thier wives)

    All 3 of these girls were chronic cheaters but 2 in particular were villainous, evil, manipulating bitches all of these women got divorced and 2 of them (the villainous evil bitches) are already engaged to be married again! I don't get it. Not at all.

    I'm a very not non-villainous chick, I don't understand why I don't have relationships but mean girls like that do at this point I'm really not trying (for a relationship) but its odd.

    I think guys generally like it when you are not so sweet/nice to them in general so they can do something like ask you out to make for the reason you were mean to them in the first place.. LOL

  2. I think they just want what they cant have.
    I was out to dinner one night and made friends with a waitress who said she was a shots girl(?) She explained to me that she sells shots and yadda yadda.
    I remember asking her "dont you get annoyed at all the guys bothering you?"
    Shes like "yeah…but then i just tell them to either buy a shot or fuck off"
    according to her men love this because they find it funny hahaha;]
    She then went on to say that they like it even more if you reject them in front of their friends.

  3. i don't want to say yes… because there are plenty of intuitive men out there who would've taken your… lets just say lack of conversation lolz… and realized hey maybe she's not interested and moved on… but at the same time… there are plenty of men who do in fact want whats hardest to get… or better yet… they like the idea that you don't want them then the success of being able to bed you or at least get you to go on a date with them is what they're after… people sure do not lie when they say men and women think differently… but i'm a firm believer that we shouldn't generalize… maybe he just really REALLY likes you… even through your slight "mood" that morning 😉 thats why he asked you to lunch… in hopes of making u feel better! lolz… btw… did u go?

  4. y'know… as much as men complain about how difficult we are, and all that, I think they are as guilty of liking The Bad Girl as we are of being attracted to Bad Boys.
    Bad Boys are horrible for us, sure – but there's the tinge of danger and being able to 'tame' them, and of course all that implied experience…they're interesting! Fascinating, even! (Until they've stolen your heart, your credit rating, and your security deposit, of course).

    I think to a certain extent, men like that (for a time, at least) just as much as we do.

    That said, I'm a very nice girl who finally settled down with a Nice Guy.

  5. Ah! It's SO true! I'm the subtle batting of the lashes flirty, but when I'm straight up mean…guys hit on me more!
    Maybe they like a challenge?? I don't even know…men are so weird sometimes.

    Hope you're having a good day!

  6. I think its actually more to the fact that Bytches know what they want and then go for it. They will do anything they need to to get the result they want.

    If they want a man they will usually get that man. Even if he doesn't want her. Evil Bytches know how to turn sex into a weapon of mass destruction, lol.

  7. People will flirt with you, you have to see how you manage with him. There are many such cases where women can flirt. So, in both the condition we have take care.

  8. People will flirt with you, you have to see how you manage with him. There are many such cases where women can flirt. So, in both the condition we have take care.

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