It Was Over Before it Began….

Saturday morning at 10:22, my phone chimed with a text message…

Hi! Its me Alan I don’t know if you remember me

I don’t… How do I know you?

We met a few weeks back outside of H&M;

Oh, yes… I remember

So what’s up? Don’t tell me the sky

Nothing, I’m at the hair salon, you?

R we going to meet?

You tell me

Where do you live?

Why did it matter where I lived? I had not invited him over and we didn’t have plans for him to pick me up or anything. It seemed as if he was one of those guys who thought they could just meet me, come over and hook up. I didn’t want to assume anything though, so I wrote:

If you’d like to grab a drink or coffee, we can do that.

…I never heard from him again.

15 thoughts on “It Was Over Before it Began….”

  1. I've been following you for a while and I just love your blog. Quick thinking on your part for not telling him where you live. He obviously only wanted one thing and after my last relationship, I know I won't settle. Keep it up girl!

  2. Why do guys do that? I think texting gives them perceived permission to act weird. My friend got a text invitation to dinner. She said yes…where? and never heard back! It's like they just want to know you would say yes.

    PS I am a new follower and I love it!

  3. What gets me, is that as brazen (and stupid) as he was, there are women who are equally brazen and stupid. He picked the wrong girl this time.

  4. Chalk another one up in the douchebag column!! Seriously they are multuplying like rabbits! What did he think you were going to say "Here's my address, come on in I'll be naked on the couch??"

  5. Hilarious. (sorry for laughing)

    But I don't think you should be shocked by a guy who you met outside of H&M; not really wanting to have a serious date.

    (still giggling like a biyatch, with tears coming out of my eyes)

    Better yet if it takes a guy 3-4 weeks to call after you give him your number. I'm not sure he was that into you.

    Dudes are funny. Don't take it personal. It's the times today, with as many women are out there wanting any kind of man…dudes don't have to try very hard, they don't have any style or game.

    And they certainly won't know how to treat a lady.

  6. Loved your presence of mind !
    Very good reply to a question 90% of the girls would have answered with their actual address.
    It's my first visit to your blog and I must say I am enjoying every bit of it.

    Keep up the good work.


  7. Interesting read. I've done it though — start asking someone out and then fade away, sometimes my interest ebbs, sometimes I sense they aren't all that enthusiastic and I cut my losses. Think about being a man and calling up a girl you're attracted and she says, "Oh yes… I remember" vs, "Oh yeah, how have you been." or even "I'm glad you called".

  8. Well I was reading your blog very funny but anyway i liked this post it happened to me just the other day its like um why u calling. If it didnt go no further the last time i talked to u then it was over then…..duh…lol

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