Drop it like its Hot: The First Ten Pounds (The Remix)

September 22 2009 | CeCe Olisa

Last night, in an effort to save money… I did my own laundry.


I know.

Before you judge, let me say that New York is made up of two kinds of people; those who do their own laundry and those who send it out. You have to remember that having a washer and dryer in an NYC apartment is unheard of and having laundry in your building is something you cross your fingers for. All of this means that for a city dweller, laundry can easily become the most time consuming chore of the week. Which makes sending laundry out a very easy habit to start.

Since moving into my new apartment, where going to the nearest laundromat means dragging my clothes four blocks north and one avenue east, I have been making a regular phone call to have a very nice man come at 8am to pick up my huge laundry bag. When I get home in the evening, he drops it off at my apartment clean, folded and fresh (yup, they deliver… everything in New York delivers).

So, last night as I was schlepping my bright pink laundry bag down the street I began to think… when I send this bag out they weigh it at 40 pounds, hmmm.

As I carried my 40 pound bag of laundry back up the stairs to my apartment, I was really winded. I usually trot up my single flight of stairs easily, but the extra 40 pounds made it harder.

The extra 40 pounds made it harder…hmmm.

Even though I don’t struggle with things like going up the stairs at my current weight, I could stand to loose more than my share of laundry bags. I cant help but wonder how much easier things would be if I was 40 pounds lighter.

I thought about how good it felt to drop the heavy laundry bag onto the floor near my bed. How good would it feel to drop that heaviness from my body?


I haven’t been on the scale in 10 days, but I know I’ve gained weight. I haven’t been eating as well as I should and life has gotten in the way of me working out. In the past I’ve mentioned my tendency to gain and loose the same ten pounds and I really don’t want to do that again.

I cant do that again.

I’ve looked at everything and I really feel like I could loose 25 pounds by Christmas. Its not a full laundry bag, but its something. So, this is me telling you that I’m back on track. I ate well today and during the 90 minutes while my laundry washed and dried I went power walking around my neighborhood instead of flipping through a magazine.

I’m going to weigh myself at the end of the week and hopefully I haven’t gained as much weight as I think….

I’ll keep you posted.

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4 responses on “Drop it like its Hot: The First Ten Pounds (The Remix)

  1. Willowtree

    You can do it girl, I'll be right there with you. Since about March Ive been putting on and taking off the SAME 3 POUNDS. It's time to break through the plateau, I think Im going to have to up my exercise to 90 mins a day – yikes! I have to try, I wont know what will happen until I try. Way to go for starting your try.

  2. Lindsay

    First let me say, whaaa!! Sending laundry out? I couldn't imagine not having my washer and dryer. Secondly let me say kudos to you. I started my diet in august with the goal of 30 lbs by my b-day. I don't think I'm gonna hit that goal, but I'm going to keep pushing. You can do it. Can't wait to hear about the outcome.

  3. HealthyLoserGal

    I can so relate to that 'a ha!' moment with the laundry bag. My leather jacket has to weight 5lbs and adding it onto my already heavy bod makes things a little…well…heavier! Good luck keeping the 10lbs. off. I'm right there with ya! 😉

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