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Dear “More To Love”…

August 12 2009 | CeCe Olisa

Dear “More To Love”,

At this point I feel as if we’re past formalities, so I will call you MTL.

When I first met you, MTL, I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. You were doing something new and I know how hard that can be. But I was also nervous because you were going to be speaking to America on my behalf. As a PSP (Plus Size Princess) I was scared you would say the wrong things or portray me in the wrong light…

Sadly, I was correct.

This isnt a big deal, but I thought you should know that its not only big men who accept and appreciate big women and vice versa. While there’s nothing wrong with it, I’ve never dated a guy who was “husky”. I’d also be willing to bet that there are plenty of thin women who are attracted to your Big Boned Bachelor.

Also MTL, I went to all of my high school dances (including two proms). One year I actually had more than one guy ask me and I had to choose between them! I looked great, I felt great and not once during the night did I cry because I was fat.

Every week I swear you off, but then I scroll through my DVR list and you’re there, so I tune in. Not because I like you, but because I feel like I need to know what ridiculous things you’re doing now.

CeCe (thebiggirlblog)

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8 responses on “Dear “More To Love”…

  1. chocdrop

    I agree with both of you. I actually watched the show last night and I was so disappointed with the PSP's they had. They are emotional wrecks. Where are the strong women with confidence???

    I hate the world is viewing this show of how ALL of us PSP's are, and that is not me!!! I am big and beautiful and can't no one take that away from me.

  2. MissMelisaMae

    Great post! Could they have picked women that were any more pathetic to be on that show? I've got plenty of junk in my trunk and yet I don't have a problem getting a date.

    Stand tall, be proud and for God's sake, never let a man be the reason for your happiness (or lack of)!

  3. Anonymous

    7:30 am Breakfast: 1 wheat tortilla with 1 bannana. Green tea with milk. no sugar. One egg white. No sugar.
    9:30: Two 450 ml glasses of warm water.

    11:00 one cucumber. no salt. no dressing.

    1:00 Lunch. One wheat tortilla. Broccoli, steamed with green chutney. Broccoli is great because it fills you up. Not more than a 200 ml cup of broccoli. The green chutney should have horsemint and corriander. Horsemint is great for aligning your hormones. And a dash of lime is an antioxidant.

    Whenever you feel hungry, two eating spoons of yogurt (low fat) in a glass of warm water. In fact from lunch to tea time at 4:00 drink at least 5 glasses of this.Curds has protein in it which keeps hunger at bay. It also corrects the flora in your intestines so you wont feel acidic and hungry.

    Tea time: Cucumber. It has silicon that will prevent wrinkles. High water content to help you not feel hungry.

    8:00 Dinner. Go home from office and have yogurt in water. 6 eating spoons of yogurt in 1 ml of water. It keeps away hunger pangs. And then eat this: boiled Pe tsai and boiled chicken.

    How to make pe tsai cabbage:
    chop a garlic. fry it in half teaspoon of olive oil. When you get a nice aroma. put in about 10 eating spoons of water. Let it bubble. Then throw in finely chopped pe tsai cabbage. Shredded. Let it get limp. Then throw in shredded boneless boiled chicken. A pinch of salt. Pe tsai speeds metabolism, chicken is protein. When yur body tries to digest both at night, it will use up calories when you sleep. Bingo!

    You have to walk 1 hour daily. Forget the gym. Just do a walk in the park. But for one hour. Of if the gym: Treadmil only.

    The only thing is consistent exercise. Dont miss a day. And stop calling yourself PSP. What we call ourselves, we ultimately become. Call yourself the former PSP. FPSP.

    No sweets. Nothing besides this for two months. And you will see the difference. I swear the pe tsai and chicken is delicious.

    I don't know how old you are, but PCOS is an epidemic. As is insulin resistance. And if you plan to have a kid later on, you really need to take care of your weight. I say this with no mean intentions or malice. But as someone who was almost pre-diabetic, I was forced to take care of my weight and confront weight issues. I just chanced on this blog and I want to help others. As women we need to help each other.
    Of course you live in NY and it must be tough… you get the best food there. But from now on, rememeber all that is really bad for you. Just because itis advertised does not mean it is good for you.

  4. Lillie

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